Past Series Speakers

Collage of Wilks Lecture speakers: Michio Kaku, 2011, Byron Pitts, 2016, Eleanor Clift, 2010, and Mario Cuomo 1998.

2019 | John KasichFormer Ohio Governor and New York Times bestselling author

2016 | Byron Pittsmultiple Emmy award winning journalist and ABC Nightline co-anchor.

2014 | Carl Bernstein, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist/Author and Political Analyst.

2013 | Howard Dean, medical doctor, former Vermont governor, and 2004 presidential candidate.

2012 | John Quiñones, ABC News correspondent and host of the popular television show “What Would You Do?”

2011 | Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, professor, bestselling author, and popularizer of science.

2010 | Eleanor Clift, political reporter, television pundit and author.

2007 | Lee Hamilton, Former Member of Congress and Director, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

2005 | Leonard Pitts, Jr. Pulitzer Prize-Winning journalist.

2003 | Pat Buchanan, political commentator, former White House Press Secretary, and former presidential candidate.

2002 | Mark Shields, political columnist and commentator.

2001 | Jane Bryant Quinn, financial columnist.

2000 | Stephen Jay Gould, palaeontologists and evolutionary biologist.

1999 | Tony Snow, political columnist and TV commentator.

1998 | Mario Cuomo, former Governor and former presidential candidate.