Eligibility Requirements

Miami Middletown baseball team infield action
 Miami Middletown softball team at bat
 Miami Middletown men's basketball player
 Miami Middletown women's basketball player

The purpose of this eligibility policy is to ensure that an athlete does not neglect academic/school work for the sake of
pursuing athletics. While we encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities, the primary
reason for attending MUM is to receive an education. The following guidelines will be followed by all athletes:

Any individual wishing to participate in MUM sponsored sports must have the following grade point averages.

Freshmen (1-29 Hrs.) 1.70 Cumulative GPA
Upper Classmen (29+ Hrs.) 2.00 Cumulative GPA

Also, in order to be eligible for competition, a student must be matriculating toward an undergraduate academic
degree program. A student must be registered for and successfully pass at least seven (7) semester hours at
Miami University Middletown for each term of participation to be eligible to play. Of those 7 credit hours, a minimum
 of four (4) of those must be taken for a letter