Scholar Athletes

Miami Middletown baseball team infield action
 Miami Middletown softball team at bat
 Miami Middletown men's basketball player
 Miami Middletown women's basketball player
 Men and Women's Tennis Team 2021

Lynn Darbyshire Warrior Award

Presented to student-athletes who best exemplify the attitude and character expected in the Miami University Middletown athletic program.  Named in honor of Lynn Darbyshire who served the Middletown Campus as Basketball Coach, Athletic Director and Student Affairs Director for 28 years.  Lynn initiated this award in 1971 and worked to ensure that character and attitude are the qualities most valued in our athletic programs.

2015-2016 Winners

Summer Cupp, Basketball and Patrick Harrison, Golf

2014-2015 Winners

Abby Cramer and Brooke Wilcox

2013-2014 Winner

Rachel Spahr

C. Eugene Bennett Award

Presented annually to the male and female student-athletes with the highest grade point average for the academic year.

2021-2022 Winners

Lynnsey Garcia Softball, Dalton Campbell Tennis Abbey Goodpaster Softball

Lynnsey Garcia Softball, Dalton Campbell Tennis Abbey Goodpaster Softball

2019-2020 Winners

Dalton Campbell and Lily Campbell

Dalton Campbell, Tennis

Lily Campbell, Basketball

2018-2019 Winners

Dalton Campbell and Caitlin Spratt

Dalton Campbell, Tennis

Caitlin Spratt, Volleyball

2017-2018 Winners

Antonio Williams and Liezl Romero with their Eugene Bennett Awards

Antonio Williams, Tennis

Liezl Romero, Tennis

2016-2017 Winners

Chen Li and Antonio Williams holding their C. Eugene Bennett Awards

Antonio Williams, Tennis

Chen Li, Softball

2015-2016 Winners

summer cupp and andrew barrett

Andrew Barrett, Baseball

Summer Cupp, Tennis/Basketball

2014-2015 Winners

2015 Bennett Award Winners Paul Richmond and Julie Groh

Paul Richmond, Golf

Julie Groh, Volleyball

2013-2014 Winners

Bennett award winners Paul Richmond and Rachel Spahr

Paul Richmond, Golf

Rachel Spahr, Softball

2012-2013 Winners

2013 Bennett Award Winners - Spahr and Wolfe

James Wolfe, Baseball

Rachel Spahr, Softball

2011-2012 Winners

2012 Bennett Award Winners

Paul Richmond, Golf

Kelsey Robinson, Volleyball

2010-2011 Winners

2011 Bennett Award Winners - Castro and Withrow

Jose Castro, Golf

Taylor Withrow, Volleyball/Basketball

2009-2010 Winners

2010 Bennett Award Winners - Wilson and Bargo

William Wilson, Tennis

Randi Bargo, Basketball

2008-2009 Winners

2009 Bennett Award Winners - Gaston and Collis

Ryan Gaston, Tennis

Chelsea Collins, Softball

2007-2008 Winners

2008 Bennett Award Winners - Pogue and Gaston

Kyle Gaston, Tennis

Alisha Pogue, Volleyball

2006-2007 Winners

2007 Bennett Award Winners - Evans and Pettus

Jonathan Evans, Baseball

Shelby Pettus, Basketball

2005-2006 Winners

Kyle Gaston, Tennis

Heather McGlothin, Volleyball/Basketball

2004-2005 Winners

2005 Bennett Award Winners - Mcglothen and Noble

Josh Noble, Baseball

Heather McGlothin, Volleyball

2003-2004 Winners

P.J. Smith, Golf

Julie Ronston, Baseball/Softball

2002-2003 Winners

Matt Waidman, Golf

Laurie Johnston, Tennis

2001-2002 Winners

2002 Bennett Award Winners - Crain and Marshall

Steve Marshall, Baseball

Tiffany Crain, Volleyball/Basketball


 Scholar Athletes

Presented to the top student-athlete in each sport as determined by GPA.

2021-22 Winners

TENNIS (Men's)— Dalton Campbell
TENNIS (Women's)— Mika Roseberry
BASKETBALL (Men's)— Isaiah Brooks
BASKETBALL (Women's)— Madison Earles
GOLF— Josh Swartz
SOFTBALL— Abbey Goodpaster, Lynnsey Garcia

2019-20 Winners

TENNIS (Men's)—Dalton Campbell
TENNIS (Women's)—Emma Estepp
BASKETBALL (Men's)—Austin Petry
BASKETBALL (Women's)—Lily Campbell
BASEBALL—Nate Johnson
GOLF—Austin Philpot
VOLLEYBALL- Kaylie Leight
SOFTBALL- Heather Chen

2018-19 Winners

TENNIS (Men's)—Dalton Campbell
TENNIS (Women's)—Liezl Romero
BASKETBALL (Men's)—Braxton Lawwill
BASKETBALL (Women's)—Adrianna Moore
BASEBALL—Nate Johnson
GOLF—Austin Philpot
VOLLEYBALL- Caitlin Spratt 
SOFTBALL- Cassidy Woodson

2017-18 Winners

TENNIS (Men's)—Antonio Williams 
TENNIS (Women's)—Liezl Romero
BASKETBALL (Men's)—Blake Dunbar
BASKETBALL (Women's)—Adrianna Moore
BASEBALL—Josh McCready
GOLF—Josh Corbin Hoffman
VOLLEYBALL- Caitlin Spratt 

2016-17 Winners 

TENNIS (Men's)—Antonio Williams 
TENNIS (Women's)—Kimberlyn Cooper- Miller
BASKETBALL (Men's)—Will Cummins
BASKETBALL (Women's)—Adrianna Moore 
BASEBALL—Nick Narog 
GOLF—Josh Terribilini 
VOLLEYBALL- Morgan Nicely 

2015-2016 Winners

TENNIS (Men's)—Dale Richter
TENNIS (Women's)—Summer Cupp
BASKETBALL (Men's)—Cooper Nolte
BASKETBALL (Women's)—Summer Cupp
BASEBALL—Andrew Barrett
GOLF—Scott Brown

2014-2015 Winners

BASEBALL—Andrew Barrett
BASKETBALL (Men's)—Josh Holfinger
BASKETBALL (Women's)—Abby Cramer
GOLF—Paul Richmond
TENNIS (Men's)—Billy Nuss
TENNIS (Women's)—Abby Cramer
2013-2014 Winners
BASKETBALL (Men's) Michael Frazier
BASKETBALL (Women's) Summer Cupp
GOLF Paul Richmond
SOFTBALL Rachel Spahr
TENNIS (Men's) Alex Glock
TENNIS (Women's) Abby Cramer

Academic All-Conference

Selected by Ohio Regional Campus Conference Athletic Directors.

Academic All Conference Athletes

Back row: Kimberly Cooper-Miller, Antonio Williams, Will Cummings, Cooper Nolte, Molli Webb, Julia Current, Adrianna Moore 
Front row: Makayla Day, Abby Cramer, Jaelyn Bean, Hunter Whiteman, Braelyn Bean

2019-2020 Winners

1ST SEMESTER—Braelyn Bean, Jaelyn Bean, Kelli Bush, Lily Campbell, Dalton Campbell, Maddie Esposito, Emma Estepp, Linzie Glaize, Holly Lawson, Braxton Lawwill, Au'Lauren Million, Austin Petry, Taylor Ritter, Liezl Romero, Mika Roseberry, Zoe Shank, Jagan Wilkerson, Antonio Williams
2ND SEMESTER—Emma Allen, Braelyn Bean, Jaelyn Bean, Kelli Bush, Lily Campbell, Madison Clay, Abby Erisman, Dorian Jones-Person, Braxton Lawwill, Austin Petry, Taylor Ritter, Zoe Shank

2018-2019 Winners

1ST SEMESTER—Thomas Arrington, Brianna Askew, Braelyn Bean, Jaelyn Bean, Kelli Bush, Lily Campbell, Dalton Campbell, Madison Clay, Julia Current, Blake Dunbar, Emma Estep, Linzie Glaize, Janna Griffith Brown, Adrianna Moore, Marielena Orozco, Taylor Ritter, Liezl Romero, Sara Snyder, Caitlin Spratt, Nina Weber, Antonio Williams
2ND SEMESTER—Braelyn Bean, Jaelyn Bean, Kelli Bush, Lily Campbell, Heather Chen, Madison Clay, Emma Estepp, Haley Evans, Jessica Frazee, Alec Gregory, Nate Johnson, Braxton Lawwill, Kaylie Leght, Adrianna Moore, Curtis Nisbet, Lexie Norris, Austin Philpot, Taylor Ritter, Eli Staton, Geoffrey Vorbroker, Cassidy Woodson

2017-2018 Winners

1ST SEMESTER—Braelyn Bean, Jaelyn Bean, Dalton Campbell, Hannah Crawford, Will Cummins, Julia Current, Blake Dunbar, Drew Gadd, Karley Gescuk, Noah Kappers, Kaylie Leight, Samantha Lewis, Adrianna Moore, Austin Philpot, Liezl Romero, Alexis Shealy, Sara Snyder, Caitlyn Spratt, Nina Weber, Hunter Whiteman, Antonio Williams
2ND SEMESTER—Braelyn Bean, Jaelyn Bean, Heather Chen, Will Cummins, Kayla Davis, Blake Dunbar, Karley Gescuk, Corbin Hoffman, Kaylie Leight, Chen Li, Josh McCready, Adrianna Moore, Cooper Nolte, Austin Philpot, Jackson Rahe, Ian Rike, Colton Schroer, Kayla Shields, Erin Stephens, Emily Temple, Madison Thompson, Hunter Whiteman

2016-2017 Winners

1ST SEMESTER—Braelyn Bean, Jaelyn Bean, Kimberlyn Cooper-Miller, Abigail Cramer, Will Cummins, Julia Current, Makayla Day, Erika Faye Flores, Joseph MA, Adrianna Moore, Cooper Nolte, Dale Richter, Molli Webb, Hunter Whiteman, Antonio Williams
2ND SEMESTER–Sierra Barnes, Baelyn Bean, Jaelyn Bean, Hongzhu Chen, Will Cummins, Kayla Davis, Skyler Halsey, Quentin Jones, Ronald Kelhoffer, Chen Li, Brandon Marshall, Adrianna Moore, Cooper Nolte, Nick Norag, Austin Philpot, Jackson Rahe, Mandy Reed, Korey Risner, Josh Teribilini, Madison Thompson, Nick Tyree, Hunter Whiteman

2015-2016 Winners

1ST SEMESTER—Cole Blevins, Germaine Britten, Abby Cramer, Summer Cupp, Kendra Lane, Abby Miller, Cooper Nolte, Dale Richter, Korey Risner, Mackenzie Rocquemore, Tierra Tidwell
2ND SEMESTER—Logan Agee, Andrew Barrett, Summer Cupp, Malik Jacobs, Maryah Martin, Nick Narog, Cooper Nolte, Megan Tolson

2014-2015 Winners

1ST SEMESTER—Lela Colvin, Abby Cramer, Summer Cupp, Julie Groh, Josh Holfinger, Brooke Lewis, Maryah Martin, Allie Millhouse, Eileen Tollefson, Molli Webb, Brooke Wilcox
2ND SEMESTER—Andrew Barrett, Summer Cupp, Christian Evans, David Hare, Patrick Harrison, Matt Hedric, Josh Holfinger, Brooke Lewis, Paul Richmond, Brooke Wilcox

2013-2014 Winners

1ST SEMESTER—Abby Cramer, Michael Frazier, Courtney Jennings, Brooke Lewis, Ciecrett Parker, Christina Robinson, Kelsey Robinson, Meghan Robinson, Eileen Tollefson, Coree Wheeler, Kelli Wilson
2ND SEMESTER—Abby Cramer, Summer Cupp, Michael Frazier, Samantha Gray, Patrick Harrison, Josh Holfinger, Brooke Lewis, Josh Mann, Regina Mann, Jacob Reek, Paul Richmond, Christina Robinson, Kaitlyn Spahr, Rachel Spahr, Megan Tolson