Fund List


2689-00 Middletown Campus Annual Fund

3388-00 Hamilton Campus Unrestricted Fund


1662-001 Department of Commerce (formerly Business Technology)

2023-001 Department of Engineering Technology

2636-001 Department of Nursing

3466-001 CIT Discretionary Fund

4263-001 Justice and Community Studies Gift Fund

4483-001 Department of Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies

5108-001 Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences Fund

5110-001 Department of Biological Sciences - Regionals

5111-001 Languages, Literatures and Writing

5112-001 Humanities and Creative Arts

5144-001 Education and Society - Regionals

5304-001 Department of Mathematical & Physical Sciences - Regionals


2204-001 Middletown Campus Athletic Fund

3518-001 Miami Hamilton Athletics and Recreation

3906-001 Middletown Campus - Golf

3907-001 Middletown Campus - Men's Basketball

3908-001 Middletown Campus - Tennis

3909-001 Middletown Campus - Women's Volleyball

3910-001 Middletown Campus - Women's Basketball

3911-001 Middletown Campus - Men's Baseball

3912-001 Middletown Campus - Women's Softball

3913-001 Middletown Campus - Hall of Fame

4893-001 Hamilton Campus - Men's Baseball

4894-001 Hamilton Campus - Women's Softball

4895-001 Hamilton Campus - Men's Basketball

4896-001 Hamilton Campus - Women's Basketball

4897-001 Hamilton Campus - Women's Volleyball

4898-001 Hamilton Campus - Golf

4899-001 Hamilton Campus - Men's Tennis

4900-001 Hamilton Campus - Women's Tennis

4901-001 Hamilton Campus - Cheerleading


1446-001 Ruth Ann Busald Nursing Award

2534-001 W. Lynn Darbyshire Student Leadership Award

4417-001 CIT Alumni Award

5016-001 David W. Young Engineering Technology Award

5265-001 Jim Blount History Educator Award - Regionals

5415-001 Robert H. Rusbosin Student Leadership Award


3769-001 Voice of America Learning Center

4976-001 Bennett Recreation Center Gym Project


2713-001 Business Technology Scholarship

2703-001 Miami University Middletown Faculty and Staff Scholarship

2988-001 Miami University Middletown Community Service Scholarship

3125-001 MUAA Middletown Area Chapter Scholarship

3589-001 Hamilton Campus Nursing Scholarship

3995-001 Miami University Hamilton General Scholarship Fund

3997-001 Miami Veterans Legacy Scholarship Fund

4019-001 Middletown Campus Scholarship in Nursing

4248-001 Business Technology Advisory Council Scholarship

4262-001 Miami University Hamilton Faculty and Staff Scholarship

4267-001 Criminal Justice Student Scholar Award

4290-001 Miami Regionals Merit Scholarship - Hamilton

4309-001 Hamilton Campus Study Abroad Scholarship

4310-001 Miami Regionals Merit Scholarship - Middletown

4335-001 Nursing Alumni Scholarship

4402-001 Women in Criminal Justice Award

4403-001 Student Opportunity Award-Criminal Justice

4471-001 Middletown Campus Need Based Scholarship

4502-001 Regional Campus Study Abroad Support Scholarship

5119-001 First to Fifty Scholarship

5273-001 Miami Regionals Difference Scholarship

5287-001 ELC Regional Study Abroad Opportunity Scholarship

5323-001 Men In Nursing Scholarship


1029-001 Carl A. and Katharine Densford Dreves Scholarship

1052-001 Coombs Family Memorial Scholarship

1108-001 Dr. Bernard and Margaret Phelps Scholarship

1110-001 Zachary Kent Lutz Memorial Scholarship

1156-001 Adeline Zoller Scholarship

1162-001 Myers-Eeles Memorial Scholarship

1212-001 Vaden and Grace Fitton Scholarship

1240-001 Harry and Ethel Brakeman Memorial Scholarship

1288-001 John A. Shafer Scholarship

1362-001 Dale E. Converse Memorial Scholarship

1449-001 Malcolm M. Sedam English Scholarship and Writing Award

1460-001 Middletown Rotary Club Foundation Scholarship

1485-001 Marjorie Ryan/Ann Farnsley Fund

1834-001 Isidor A. Casper Memorial Scholarship

2096-001 Cynthia Yang Memorial Scholarship

2250-001 William C. and Mary E. Akers Scholarship

2251-001 Kenneth and Bernice Kinnaird Scholarship

2281-001 Verna Sommer Business Technology Scholarship

2285-001 Nancy Sohngen Cottrell Scholar-Leader

2384-001 Roger and Ginny Dillman Scholarship

2409-001 Audrey Canfield Neel Scholarship

2472-001 Richard Fitton Scholar-Leader

2523-001 Marion Kagler and Kim Kagler Carroll Nursing Award

2560-001 Miriam Knoll Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

2735-001 Venus and Ruth Maupin Scholarship

2757-001 Harry T. Wilks Scholarship

3055-001 Ryan K. Green Memorial Scholarship

3115-001 Roger W. Conner, AFID Scholarship

3155-001 Karen S. House Scholar Leader Scholarship

3199-001 Bill and Barbara Howe Scholarship

3203-001 Carl and Freda E. Jennewein Memorial Scholarship

3260-001 Carl Bishop Information Technology Scholarship

3336-001 Robert and Tina Breitenbach Social & Human Services Scholarship


3342-001 Thatcher Computer and Information Technology Scholarship

3394-001 Joan McNelly Teckman Scholarship

3398-001 Kathy Burton Memorial Scholarship

3513-001 Carolyn Turnbull Jaeger Nursing Scholarship

3514-001 Russell W. Leedy Scholarship

3515-001 Elizabeth H. Burgoon Scholarship

3516-001 John L. Burgoon Scholarship

3523-001 David W. Young Engineering Technology Scholarship

3546-001 Eugenia M. Mills Scholarship

3549-001 Rosa Lean Lindsey Scholarship

3554-001 Dr. Howard and Connie Epstein Scholarship

3635-001 Fusako M. Gelwick Scholarship At Miami University Middletown

3636-001 Robert A. Gelwick Scholarship At Miami University Middletown

3658-001 Marge Addington Scholarship

3668-001 Greg Lansaw Memorial Leadership Scholarship

3693-001 Theodore & Kathleen Light Business Technology Scholarship

3698-001 David and Janet Sauter Scholarship

3740-001 T. Michael Smithson Scholarship

3745-001 Marjorie A. Ryan Scholarship

3759-001 Winifred and John Dolibois Scholarship

3768-001 Howell C. Lloyd Scholarship

3781-001 Subedi Family Scholarship

3785-001 Nancy and David Stroupe Nursing Scholarship

3880-001 Roland P. (Ron) and Ella M. Ely Scholarship at MUM

3902-001 Arthur B. Casper Bridge Scholarship at MUM

3915-001 Leo H. Munick, M.D. Scholarship in Nursing

3919-001 Angus Family Business Technology Scholarship

3946-001 Sen. Barry and Marilee Levey Scholarship at Miami University

4096-001 Grace Fitton Scholarship

4145-001 Diana Royer Scholarship

4162-001 Amvets Auxiliary Post 1983 Scholarship

4208-001 Douglas and Anne McNeill Health Sciences Scholarship

4240-001 Harry T. Wilks Scholarship in Integrative Studies

4265-001 James E. Paulus Scholarship

4320-001 Elke Sue Holt Merit Scholarship

4344-001 Cpl. Nicholas Olivas Valor Award

4349-001 Dr. Robert Baer Award for Academic Achievement

4356-001 Ted and Vada Shell Stanley/O'Tucks Scholarship

4377-001 Harold Don Gabbard Family/O'Tucks Scholarship

4421-001 Hall-Mason Family Nursing Scholarship

4567-001 John L. Thompson Scholarship

4582-001 O'Tucks Expendable Scholarship

4587-001 Blount Family Scholarship

4632-001 Fastenal Scholarship in Business Technology

4667-001 Robert Breitenbach/Middletown Rotary Club Fdn Leadership Scholarship

4729-001 O'Tucks Endowed Scholarship

4733-001 Armin J. Fleck Engineering Technology Scholarship

4792-001 Philip Mynhier Nursing Scholarship

4821-001 Paul and Linda Matus Service and Leadership Abroad Scholarship

4919-001 Grace and Eva Hall Scholarship

4929-001 Donald and Loraine Gent/O'Tucks Scholarship

4986-001 Joyce B. Thall/O'Tucks Scholarship

5003-001 Vaden Fitton Hamilton Campus Scholarship

5011-001 Kenneth and Bernice Kinnaird Nursing Scholarship

5138-001 Olga F. Gmoser O'Tucks Scholarship

5160-001 Ken and Joan Frankel Nursing Scholarship

5217-001 Malcolm M. Sedam English Scholarship

5252-001 Catherine Herr Mulligan Scholarship

5455-001 Harry and Ethel Brakeman Memorial Scholarship Endowment

5475-001 E.A.W.M. Scholarship

8506-001 Gardner Scholars


1503-001 Hamilton Campus Learning Assistance Program

1588-001 Gardner-Harvey Library in Middletown

1713-001 Casper Memorial Lecture Series

1725-001 Dave Finkelman Auditorium Fund

2758-001 Harry T. Wilks Lecture Series

2978-001 Michael J. Colligan History Project

3196-001 Hamilton Campus Placement Office

3215-001 Jack and Glenda Rhodes Fund

3349-001 Conservatory Operating Endowment Fund

3445-001 Hamilton Campus Student Scholar Symposium

3547-001 Rentschler Library Gift Fund

3552-001 Rusbosin Regional Campus Student Development Fund

3712-001 Center for Civic Engagement and the Arts

3770-001 Voice of America Learning Center-Program

3863-001 Fantastic Free Fridays

3878-001 Miami Middletown Elementary Education Fund

3930-001 Gates and Kathy Smith Multicultural Student Outreach Fund

3984-001 Sharon B. Krafft Collection

3985-001 Community Engagement Fund at Miami University Middletown

3993-001 John P. Williams Family Teacher Licensure Fund

4086-001 Hamilton Campus Performing Arts Series

4106-001 Engineering-Senior Design Student Projects

4151-001 G. Michael and Patricia A. Pratt Regional Academic Innov.

4207-001 Center for Appalachian Studies Fund

4216-001 Middletown Campus Artist and Lecture Series

4343-001 Campus Kids Hamilton Campus

4372-001 Verity Tradition Programming Fund

4476-001 Center for Veterans Services

4550-001 MURALS Support Fund

4551-001 Regional Campuses Greatest Need Fund

4690-001 Claire J. Fitton Fund

4702-001 MUH Student Veterans Association Gift Fund

4903-001 Regional E-Learning Initiatives Gift Fund

4904-001 Miami Hamilton Downtown

4989-001 Center for Teaching and Learning Gift Fund - Middletown Campus

5032-001 Combat Hunger Gift Fund

5109-001 Center for Teaching and Learning Gift Fund - Hamilton Campus

5165-001 Project Civility

5189-001 Anna T. Hamilton Regional Urban Cohort Fund

5209-001 Regional Enrollment Initiatives Fund

5473-001 Hamilton Community Foundation Colligan History Lecture Fund

5487-001 Fleck ENT Clean Energy Project

5666-001 Regionals Office of Public Programming

5670-001 Regional Office of Student Activities

5734-001 Fusion at Miami Regionals

5750-001 Girls in STEAM