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UC Clermont A.B. to Information Technology B.S.


Major: Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology

Updated: 2021

Catalog Year: 202120

Miami Contact Name and Information:
Marianne Murphy, Professor and Chair of CIT


The Associates of Applied Business in Information Technology at UC Clermont partners well with the Bachelors' degree in Information Technology at Miami University. The Bachelors' degree in Information Technology requires 124 credit hours. At least 61 of those hours must be earned at Miami, including the 12 of the final 30 credit hours. The matches below indicate specific courses you may be awarded after successfully completing those courses and transferring to Miami University!

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University of Cincinnati at Clermont to Miami University Requirements
University of Cincinnati at Clermont Miami University Semester Credit hours Sinclair Prerequisite Sinclair Course Miami Equivalent
Course # Course Title Credits Course # Course Title Credits
ENGL 1001 English Composition 3 ENG 111 English Composition 3
Humanities Elective 3 Satisfied Humanities 3
IT 2020 Implications of IT 3 CIT 262 Technology, Ethics and Global 3
Natural Science Elective Satisfied Physical Science 3
IT 2090C Fundamentals of Open Source 3 CSE 163 Math, Formal Reasoning, Tech 3
IT 1090C Computer Programming I 3 CSE 1741 Programming and Problem Solving 3
IT 1050 Information Technology 3 CIT 168 Foundations of IT II 4
COMM 1076 Intro to Interpersonal Comm 3 STC 136 Interpersonal Communication 3
IT 2060C Database Management I 3 CIT 214 Database Design 3
ENGL 2089 Intermediate Composition 3 ENG 112 Writing 3
STAT 1034 Elementary Statistics I 3 STA 261 Statistics 4
IT 2045C Computer Programming II 3 CSE 2711 Object-Oriented Programming 3
IT 3046C Client-Side Web Programming 3 CIT 2731 Web Application Development 3
IT 3045C Contemporary Programming 3 CIT 253 Contemporary Programming 3
IT 2030C Information Security 3 CIT 358 IT Assurance and Security 3
IT 1080C Computer Networking 3 CIT Choose Technical Elective2 6
IT 2040C Fundamentals of Web Dev 3 Choose Free Electives 10
IT 1081C System Administration 3
IT 3060C Database Management II 3
IT 1051C Fundamentals of Digital Media 3
IT 2035C Network Infrastructure Mgt 3
Total 63 Total 63

1Counts as the IT concentration and the CSE 2 Thematic Sequence

To complete BS in IT Degree at Miami University
Required by Requirement Course Credit Hours
Free Electives Choose 5
IT Foundations of IT I UNV 101 3
IT Math MTH 125 3
IT Intro to HCI CIT 268 3
IT IT Systems Management CIT 276 3
IT Information Management and Retrieval CIT 348 3
IT Current IT Practices CIT 357 3
IT IT for Organizations CIT 376 3
MP IIA Creative Arts Choose 3
MP III Global Perspective Choose 3
MP III&IT Global Perspective CIT 448 3
MP IP Intercultural Perspective Choose 3
MP IVA Biological Science Choose 3
MP IVB Biological Lab [match to class] Choose 1
MP TS Thematic Sequence^ Choose 3
MP TS Thematic Sequence^ Choose 3
MP TS Thematic Sequence^ Choose 3
MP&IT Advanced Writing ENG 313 3
MP&IT Experiential Learning Capstone I CIT 457 3
MP&IT Capstone II CIT 458 4
Total 61

^can choose an IT concentration

Year One
First Semester Hours Second Semester Hours
CIT 268 3 CIT 348 Info Management and Retrieval 3
CIT 276 3 CIT 357 Current Practices in IT 3
ENG 313 Technical Writing 3 CIT 376 IT for Organizations 3
MTH 125 5 MPT Thematic Sequence Elective" 3
UNV 101 1 MPF IVA Biological Science Elective 3
MPF IV Biological Lab 1
Total 15 Total 16


Year Two
First Semester Hours Second Semester Hours
CIT 448 Global Strategic Issues in IT 3 CIT 458 IT Project Lifecycle II 4
CIT 457 IT Project Lifecycle I 3 Free Elective 3
MPT Thematic Sequence Elective^ 3 MPT Thematic Sequence Elective^ 3
MP Intercultural Elective 3 MPF III Global Elective 3
MP Creative Arts 3 Free Elective 2
Total 15 Total 15