Synchronous Distance Learning Course Setup Checklist

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Synchronous Distance Learning Course Setup Checklist

Required Course Setup Tasks

The items in the “REQUIRED” section of this checklist are the minimum requirements for your -S course, designed to maintain a consistent online experience for students and to meet regulatory requirements for online courses.

We recommend starting the tasks on this checklist 60 days prior to the start of your -S course. This allows for ample time to create your course in Canvas as well as have the E-Campus consultation, which must take place at least 30 days prior to the start of your course (see checklist for details). Blank Canvas course sites are created when courses are added to and published in Banner. Because of this, most Canvas course sites are available several months before the start of a new term, at which point you can start the tasks on this checklist.

Training & Consultation

  • Schedule your E-Campus consultation for your -S course. The consultation must be completed at least 30 days prior to the first term you are teaching an ONLS or HYBS course.

Canvas Course Setup

Best Practices for Distance Learning Course Setup

To ensure an enjoyable and effective distance learning experience for your students, you may also want to complete the following steps prior to the start of your course:

Tech Prep & Course Structure

Instructor Presence

Note: To print out this checklist, expand all of the sections before using the Print command in your menu's browser. 

E-Campus Consultation Details

The consultation is an opportunity for you to show off your hard work and walk through your course setup, as well as check-in with E-Campus to ensure that the course meets regulatory requirements. As an ONLS or HYBS course, it falls under the purview of federal, state, and MU standards. This means that the course must meet ADA compliance, Miami University established expectations of practice (e.g., Syllabus, Announcements, Assignments, and Gradebook setup), and quality standards of design.

During the consultation, an E-Campus representative will go over the items in the “REQUIRED” section of this checklist, as well as do a general check of your course to make sure that any additions and edits to the template still meet accessibility requirements and MU standards for online learning. If you have your course site mostly developed and have worked through the “REQUIRED” items on this checklist, your consultation should be fairly quick (~15 min). Those with more questions and/or more to work through in terms of building their site may require longer and/or multiple consultations with E-Campus.

When is a consultation required?
The E-Campus consultation is required for each -S course taught, starting Fall 2021, regardless of whether or not you’ve taught the course as ONLS/HYBS in previous terms. The consultation is required only one time per course. You will not be required to repeat the consultation if you teach the same -S course again in subsequent terms. If teaching multiple -S courses in a term, these may all be reviewed in a single consultation.

Version 1.0 (Spring 2021) developed by the MUR Ad Hoc Synchronous Distance Learning Framework Development Committee. For more information, please contact Regionals E-Campus at

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