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If you are currently teaching online with Miami University Regionals, this FAQ will help to serve as a guide to common issues that might occur.

Using Canvas

Virtual Lectures


Using Canvas

Can I extend time on Canvas Quizzes for multiple students at the same time?

It is possible to extend time for multiple students on a quiz in Canvas. For step-by-step instructions, see our E-Campus How-To Guide for Extending Time on Quizzes in Canvas.

How can I share video content with my students?

You can easily share files from external cloud storage platforms like YouTube, Kaltura, or Google Drive by linking or embedding files in the Rich Text Editor in Canvas. See our E-Campus How-To Guide for Sharing Files in Canvas from YouTube, Kaltura, and Google Drive for step by step instructions.

What is the Canvas file storage limit?

Miami University Canvas file storage is limited to 1 GB per course. Students’ file storage is around 525 MB. (A lecture video for 1.5 hour could be 1 GB depending on the quality of video). We recommend sharing content via link instead of embedding them in Canvas.

Virtual Lectures

How do I create recurring meetings in Canvas using Zoom or Webex?

When you schedule a new Zoom meeting after clicking on Zoom in the left-hand navigation of your Canvas course, there is a Recurring Meeting checkbox option in the Time Zone section of the meeting details page. Once you check this box, more options will appear for you to customize the recurrence. For a detailed walkthrough and screenshots, refer to step #4 in the "To schedule and start individual Zoom meetings in Canvas" section of our Scheduling, Starting, and Sharing Zoom Meetings in Canvas guide.

To set up a recurring meeting in Webex through Canvas, click Cisco Webex in the left-hand navigation menu of your course (if you do not see Cisco Webex, please follow the step from this guide to enable Webex in Canvas). Create a new meeting by clicking on the Virtual Meetings tab, then clicking New Meeting. On the right side, you'll see the Recurrence section, where you can set up details for the recurrence of the meeting, including how often it occurs, and whether the meetings will end on a specific date or after a specific number of meetings. Click "Create Meeting" to save your meeting, and you'll see it appear under Upcoming Meetings.

How do I enable Zoom and/or Webex in Canvas?

We have created guides for enabling Webex and Zoom in Canvas. It’s also important to make sure that if Webex or Zoom are enabled in your Canvas course, they are also shown in the left-hand course navigation menu. This can be done by managing course navigation links.

Zoom? Webex? Google Meet? Which video conferencing tool is right for me?

We have developed a resource for choosing which video conferencing tool is right for your specific needs. If you would like to talk through these options with a Solutions Specialist at E-Campus, we are available via phone at 513-217-4003, chat, email, and personal consultation.