Research Fund Grants

Template for Proposals

Below is a template that should be used for your Research Fund Proposal.

Project Title

Unique ID(s)
Amount Requested


  1. Context of the Scholarly Work

  2. Project Goal

  3. Project Methodology

  4. Budget

  5. Results of Activity Funded by MU Regionals Research Fund in the Past Three Years (if applicable)

Research Fund Proposal Rubric

Possible Points Section of Proposal and Points to Consider Score Comments

Context of the scholarly work:

  • Provides and overview of the topic
  • Describes the importance of the proposed project to the discipline

Goals of the proposed project:

  • Are logical, and when achieved will further the discipline


  • The described methods will meet the goals of the proposed project
  • The plan is logical and clear

Overall quality of proposal:

  • Proposal is well-organized and understandable
  • Author makes a compelling case for funding
Total (out of a possible 20)

Research Fund support from past 3 years (if applicable):

  • Addresses outcomes of prior support
  • Demonstrates that prior support has resulted in quality scholarship evidenced by peer-reviewed papers or presentations, exhibits, etc...
Total (out of a possible 24)

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