Verity Traditions Announces Spring 2019 Programs

Miami University Regionals’ Verity Traditions continues with a diverse line-up of programs in Verity Lodge on the Middletown Campus beginning February 21.

February 21, The Cincinnati Museum Center presents The Age of Steel, 1895-1920, 6 p.m. The turn of the 20th century marks a significant transition in the evolution of building architecture. The development of the steel skeleton enabled architects to reinvent the office building and reach previously unimaginable heights.

March 26, The Mannered Life Before The Great War,  6 p.m. Cheri Brinkman local author, and former Miami Hamilton faculty member will explore the manners, culture and social classes before World War I. This program will include a fun quiz to test how much you know about late Victorian manners and answer the question.

April 23, Introduction to the Chinese Language, 6 p.m. Four international students from Miami University will introduce audience members to the Chinese language. Topics will include naming conventions, numbers and counting, basic pronunciation, and greeting and parting. The many dialects of the Chinese language will also be discussed.

May 14, Square Foot and Pallet Gardening Made Easy, 6 p.m. Presented by Alfred Hall, the Advisor to the HUGS Board, and urban farmer and local food system advocate.

June 4, The American Rolling Mill Company: Building for a New Century, 6 p.m. Special presentation by Sam Ashworth. Ashworth is a former Armco employee, teacher, graphic artist, and past president of the Middletown Historical Society.

Verity Traditions connects community and campus with the traditions of Verity Lodge. These programs are free and open to the public. For more information, call (513) 727-3472 or email Verity Lodge is located at 4200 N. University Blvd. on the Miami Regionals’ Middletown campus.