Additional state funding available for adult learners at Miami Regionals

Written by Mary C. Dillon, Marketing & Communications

Worried young man sitting in front of a laptop taking notes

Adult learners -- including those adversely affected by COVID-19 -- now have an incentive to continue their education at Miami University Regionals, thanks to funding from the state of Ohio.

Students age 25 and over can enroll in Miami Regionals E-Campus new microcredential program and receive a short-term, $2,000 scholarship through the state’s Finish for Your Future adult-learner initiative. The initiative is designed to increase the number of adult learners enrolled in public higher education.

With a focus on specialized outcomes, skills or experiences, microcredentials are a perfect match for students looking to update their skills and knowledge as they prepare to re-enter the workforce. According to Janet Hurn, senior director of Miami Regionals E-Campus, the program is a perfect fit for students that may be unemployed as a result of the pandemic  

“Microcredentials take less time to complete than a traditional degree,” said Hurn. “Because they focus on specialized outcomes, skills and experiences, they are designed to make students more employable.”

Twelve microcredentials in the areas of business, technology and written communication are currently being offered. Learning can be accomplished online, in-person or through hybrid courses customized to meet student needs.

While there is no deadline for the microcredential program application, it cannot be processed until the student is accepted into Miami. Students interested in the scholarship program are also required to have a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid on file; a video on how to complete the FAFSA can be found online. Virtual financial aid appointments are also available. 

For more information and eligibility requirements, contact Miami Regionals Financial Aid at

The scholarship program runs through June 30, 2021.