Students share gratitude with Middletown Rotarians

Morgan Kinney, a first year student majoring in education, spoke at the Middletown Rotary Club meeting

Morgan Kinney speaking at the
Middletown Rotary Club meeting.

Without the generous support of our alumni and the community, financial aid at Miami University Regionals would not be possible. 

Last year the Middletown Rotary Club made one of the largest donations the Middletown campus has received since its opening in 1966. With the establishment of an endowed scholarship of $681,102.00, 13 students received much needed financial support this year to continue with their studies.

No one could have predicted just how impactful those dollars would be in 2020. Three student recipients described that impact at a recent Middletown Rotary meeting:

“I am super thankful for the scholarship. I had been going to school full-time while working a part-time job to help pay for school when the pandemic hit. First, I lost my job. Then I had an accident and broke my foot. I was without income for a number of months. This is my last year of school. This scholarship provided me with the funds I needed to help me pay my tuition so I can graduate on time. Thank you.” – Erica, ‘21 is a senior majoring in applied biology.

“Thank you for the scholarship. It has been very helpful and has allowed me to continue my studies. I was concerned I would not have enough money to cover all of my college expenses. I am truly grateful for your support.” – Olivia, ‘24 is a first-year student majoring in small business management.

“I was so worried about the amount of added debt I would have to take on this year. The scholarship eliminated that worry so I could focus on my studies. Thank you so very much for this scholarship.” – Morgan, ’24 is a first-year student majoring in education.

The testimonials of these students speak volumes to the significance of this gift and the lives it has touched. On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the Middletown campus, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who made this endowment possible.