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Microcredential FAQ

Find answers to common questions about Microcredentials and their benefits to students and adult learners. These flexible, short-term credentials help build skills that employers value.

Top Questions About Microcredentials

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What is a Microcredential?

A Microcredential at Miami University Regionals is a short-term program designed to give you in-demand skills. By taking 1-4 courses, you will gain a credential to showcase on a resume/LinkedIn, get a promotion, or switch career fields. Microcredentials are available in technology, business, manufacturing, and communication, with more being added all the time!
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How Would Earning a Microcredential Benefit Me?

Earning a Microcredential benefits you because it provides you with a way to broaden your skills AND a way for future employers to check those skills with a verifiable digital badge/certificate.
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How Much Does a Microcredential Cost?

In the case of for-credit Microcredential courses, the cost is equivalent to the Regionals tuition rate—some of the lowest tuition in the state! Please see the detailed view of your preferred Microcredential to understand the exact number of credits needed to complete the program. Non-credit Microcredentials cost less, but you will not earn college credit for the courses.

More Answers to Questions About Microcredentials

Learn additional details about Microcredential time commitment, cost, and what to expect as a Microcredential student.

General Information

How Quickly Can I Earn a Microcredential?

It depends- some of our shorter programs, such as Agile Certified Professional, can be completed in one semester. Most credentials can be completed in a year or less.

Do My Credentials Expire?

For-credit Microcredentials, like a degree, do not expire.

Will My Microcredential Show on My Miami University Transcript?

No, Microcredentials are not transcripted and will not appear on your official transcript. Instead, you will earn a digital badge and a downloadable certificate to showcase your accomplishment. Each earned Microcredential is recorded to Accredible's Blockchain so it cannot be duplicated or faked, providing you with a secure, verifiable record of your accomplishments.

Materials and Cost

What Supplies (Tech, Books, etc.) Will I Need for My Microcredential Courses?

Your instructor will let you know if any textbooks are needed for your courses. Regarding technology, courses may be completed using most computers with preferred browsers—refer to the Canvas Help Guides for specific requirements.

Is Financial Aid or Payment Plans Available?

Currently, Microcredentials are not eligible for federal financial aid. However, there are other ways to help cover the cost of a Microcredential. If you are employed, your employer may be eligible for TechCred or tuition reimbursement for technology-related programs. Our OneStop also offers flexible payment plans.

Can My Employer Pay for My Microcredential?

Yes! Employers in the State of Ohio can write off up to $5,200 per employee per year for tuition expenses incurred for an employee. Through programs like TechCred, employers can be reimbursed for applicable programs in high-demand fields like technology or manufacturing. If you have specific questions, please contact us.

We also created letter templates to help you explain the value of a Microcredential to your employer—simply download the letter for the program you are interested in, fill in the highlighted fields with your information, and pass it along to your supervisor or HR professional.

What to Expect

Will My Microcredential Courses Count Toward a Future Degree?

Yes, as long as you take the courses for college credit. Our Microcredentials were designed to transition seamlessly into a degree program at Miami University Regionals. Check out our degree page for more information.

Are These the Same Classes that Miami University Students Take?

Yes! There will be other Miami University students in your class with you, so you can build a network of support throughout your classes while also earning college credit.

I Have Never Taken a College Class, What Will it be Like?

Miami University Regionals is a pioneer of online education, meaning our faculty has been doing this for a while. Your online courses will be set up through our learning platform, Canvas, and available for you to work on whenever and wherever you have time.

Courses typically have assignments, discussion boards, or quizzes that are due every week or every two weeks to keep you on track for success. At the start of the term, you will receive the syllabus for your course, giving you a blueprint of what to expect throughout the semester. If you get stuck or don’t know what something means, we offer the following student resources:

  • Faculty are available to help answer course-specific questions.
  • Free tutoring.
  • Staff assistance with navigating Canvas, billing issues, or buying textbooks.

We will be here for you every step of the way!

I Haven't Been in School for a Long Time. What Support is Available?

We have an entire team (and a resource page!) to help answer your questions and provide support. Student resources include but are not limited to technical support, virtual student services such as academic advising, remote tutoring, and online access to the University Libraries. If you get stuck or need assistance, contact us.

Am I an Actual College Student?

Yes—you’re taking college classes with other fellow college students and earning college credit along the way—that qualifies you as a college student.

What if I Don't Need or Want College Credit?

No problem! Many of our Microcredentials can be offered as non-credit programs.

Email us to find out more information.

How to Talk to Your Employer

How Can I Tell My Employer About Microcredentials?

We have created letter templates to help you explain the value of a Microcredential to your employer–simply download the letter for the program you are interested in, fill in the highlighted fields with your information, and pass it along to your supervisor or HR professional.

How Would I Show My Accomplishments to My Employer?

When you complete your Microcredential program, you will be awarded one of our digital badges AND a certificate of completion. Share these with your employer, add them to your resume, or include them in your email signature. You may want to share some of your completed assignments with your employer to showcase the knowledge, skills, and competencies you are learning throughout your program.

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