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Miami Downtown Hamilton

Miami Downtown Hamilton is located at 221 High Street, Hamilton, in the historic Robinson-Schwenn Building. It is a multi-use center for civic engagement and the arts, offering an array of programs including live music, art displays, theatrical performances, educational classes and lectures, and a convenient venue for scholarship activities and community meetings.

"Civic engagement means that all parties are engaged and everyone is working together toward a common goal. It’s more than just giving somebody something they need and walking away. The university and the community come as equals into the space, and the intention is to enrich the life of the campus and the community. We want this to be a center for community-based activities, a location where the university in tandem with the community will engage in serious discussions about economic, political, and social issues of the day."

Dr. Daniel Hall — Former Miami Hamilton Campus Dean

Miami Downtown Hamilton

221 High Street
Hamilton, OH 45011
John Vaughn, Coordinator of Miami Hamilton