A employee from Aldi talking to a Miami University student.
Engineer Showing Apprentice How To Measure CAD Drawings
student graduate with interview panel
A meeting between 2 employees.

Career Services & Professional Development offers several ways for you to effectively connect with potential candidates on the Miami University Regional Campuses.

We look forward to working with you to meet the talent needs of your organization.

Hire the Best

Employ Miami University’s top-notch students, academically proficient and technically sound!

Our Employer Services

  • Handshake, Employer Job Database
  • Connect Employer with Academically Qualified Students 
  • Easy Student Performance Evaluation
  • Access to On-Campus Job Fairs & Recruiting
  • Tips for Creating an Internship Program 

Internship Programs

These programs allow college students to participate in academically related work experiences outside the classroom. Students appreciate the opportunity to work with local or regional companies and businesses in a learning and training partnership where each benefits the other.

  • Internships may or may not be paid, may be indirectly related to the student’s academic field (i.e., professional work experience). These opportunities may be a one-time experience; may follow the parallel description above or take place in the summer; and may or may not be taken for academic credit. *Special Note – The debate surrounding paid/unpaid internships is ongoing. For more information please see the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The Benefits of Student Internships are “Win/Win”

  • Provides a good source of cost-effective pre-professional labor
  • Gives early assessment of potential future employees
  • Reduces recruiting, training costs and time
  • Reduces labor turnover and recruiting costs 15 to 25 percent
  • Releases highly trained personnel from basic tasks
  • Provides easy access to high technology, learning facilities, faculty and staff
  • Provides improved personnel selection by using on-the-job performance as a basis for permanent hiring decisions
  • Provides an opportunity to serve on academic advisory boards and to give input regarding future employees for the workforce

The Benefits of Utilizing the Career Services & Professional Development Office

Staff work closely with employers to match academically qualified students to job postings. The student, the employer and a member of the Career Services & Professional Development staff then complete a work/learning evaluation form that outlines learning objectives for the student. A co-op/internship site visit is optional but many employers value the interaction with faculty/staff.

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