Application Procedure

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 A campus kids teacher sitting on the floor reading to 2 children.
 Campus Kids teaching showing 2 little girls a leaf that was found outside.
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Campus Kids is open to children ages 18 months to 5 years of age whose parents are Miami University Students or Miami Alumni as well as children of parents or grandparents are employees ( staff/faculty) of Miami University.

Toddler Registration Application Form

Preschooler Registration Application Form

Priority Registration

Priority is given to students, staff, and faculty who currently have children enrolled in the program. 

Campus Kids Wait List and Enrollment Procedure

Any child who cannot be enrolled for the desired semester will be put on a wait list for the next semester and will be called as soon as a spot is open. See the wait list and enrollment procedure, below:

  1. Complete the appropriate Registration Application form, either online or in person at campus Kids.
  2. The completed Registration Application form will be kept on file for two (2) academic semesters. We will contact you only if their is a slot available or if we need additional information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make sure we received the form.
  3. We request that the parent/guardian update the form if there is a change of information such as hours of care requested and/or contact information.
  4. During the time of open enrollment and/or when a slot becomes available, a Campus Kids staff member will call to update the registration application form. This update does not mean your child has a slot. It is only to update the form. We will make two (2) attempts to contact parent/guardian including leaving messages on voice mail. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to return the call if a message is left. If there is no contact from the parent/guardian after two (2) attempts at contact, the child's name is removed from the wait list.
  5. A Campus Kids staff member will contact the parent/guardian when a slot becomes available for his/her child. The staff member will officially offer the slot to the parent/guardian and ask for the registration fee. Again, two (2) attempts will be made to contact the parent/guardian including leaving messages on voicemail. If no contact is made after two attempts, the child's name is removed from the wait list and the slot is offered to the next child on the wait list.
  6. Once a parent/guardian accepts a slot, a non-refundable registration fee must be made within five (5) business days or the slot is forfeited.
  7. After the slot is accepted and the registration fee is paid, additional required paperwork will be given to the parent/guardian to complete and the official start date will be determined.

If you have any questions, please contact Krista Lambright at