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Miami VISTA Program

The Miami VISTA Program will operate under the umbrella of the Miami AmeriCorps Programs, part of the Center for Social Impact at Miami University Regionals. As an AmeriCorps VISTA member, you will actively address community challenges where the need is greatest. VISTA’s will receive on-site training and a living allowance. Upon completing the year of service, you will receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award and many other professional development opportunities.

Benefits include:

Living Allowance

You will receive a modest bi-weekly living allowance to cover basic expenses.

Professional Development Training

You can attend in-person and virtual training to learn how to be a community development change agent.

Non-Competitive Eligibility

Once you've completed service in AmeriCorps VISTA, you will receive one year of non-competitive eligibility for employment in the federal government. This unique hiring status enables you to apply for federal jobs with the advantage of not going through the standard public competitive selection process. That means you can be appointed to federal positions that may only be available to some of the public. In addition, your application could be processed faster than others. NCE does not guarantee you a federal job, but it does provide a valuable opportunity!

End of Service Award

Members can choose between a Segal Education Award (valued at approximately $7,395) to pay for educational expenses or a $1,800 cash stipend.

Opportunity to make an impact.

Building relationships with those who share similar passions.

Valuable networking and AmeriCorps alumni opportunities.

Would you like to have a VISTA member join your department?

Project supervisors must be able to direct the project, supervise the AmeriCorps VISTA members, and provide necessary administrative support to complete the goals and objectives of the project.  The goals and objectives must be clearly defined and directed towards alleviating problems of low-income communities and meet the regulations of the AmeriCorps VISTA program.

One consistent goal for every AmeriCorps VISTA project must be the sustainability of the project by the sponsoring agency and low-income community after AmeriCorps VISTA project sponsorship ends.

The power of AmeriCorps VISTA is extraordinary, and brings talented, passionate people on board to create or enhance your anti-poverty program by expanding the capacity of our organization.

Miami VISTA Program

Eboni Pope, Program Director
Hamilton Campus, Mosler Hall 105C
1601 University Blvd. Hamilton, OH 45011