Transfer Experience Course

Do you want to make the most of your Miami experience? Do you want to learn about involvement opportunities and success strategies? Do you want to meet other Miami students? If you do, Transfer UNV 101: I Am Miami is a course that’s perfect for you!

In order to support you in your transition to Miami University, we are offering Transfer UNV 101: I Am Miami, a 1-credit, graded elective course specifically for transfer students. Transfer UNV 101 will offer an introduction to the intellectual, social, and cultural nature of Miami University. This optional, discussion-based course meets weekly throughout the semester. Specific topics covered in UNV 101 include:

  • Faculty expectations and student-faculty interaction
  • Miami history and traditions
  • Campus resources (e.g. library, career exploration, etc.)
  • Goal setting
  • Academic planning
  • Getting involved on campus

If you're a new transfer student and you'd like to take Transfer UNV 101, email at the start of the semester, and request to be added.  You can also opt in to the course when you register for orientation.