2021 PDSA Recipient, Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss

Queen Creek, Arizona | Political Science Major

Sarah Moss was characterized by one nominator as “fiercely motivated to adapt, alter, and do whatever means necessary to provide a light for our community of youth skaters'' during the pandemic. The Miami Skating Academy and Learn to Skate programs teach skating to area youth, often with the help and expertise of skaters from our varsity and club teams. Sarah started the year as an assistant coach on both competitive youth synchronized skating teams. In the midst of the head coach stepping down, cancelled competitions because of COVID, and skaters no longer allowed to skate connected to each other because of social distancing, Sarah assumed the daunting mantle of head coach. She redesigned practice procedures, kept skaters’ parents in the loop, researched performance possibilities, and reached out to US Figure Skating to network with other coaches to create virtual experiences for skaters. In addition to the higher level logistics, Sarah invested in each skater as an individual, creating skating goals, working towards those goals, and celebrating successes.

She also has her own skating career on campus as a member of our varsity senior synchronized skating team, as well as being a Team USA synchronized skater and U.S. Figure Skating DREAM Program team captain. Her nominator wrote that “In the year of setbacks and almosts and even disappointments, Sarah offered hope, and a different lens with which to mark success.”