2020 PDSA Recipient, Annika Fowler

Annika Fowler

Annika Fowler

Dublin, Ohio | Finance & Political Science

Annika Fowler isn't someone who is afraid to "leave popular opinion behind when it is best for students," as one nominator wrote. During her time on campus, she has been heavily involved in Associated Student Government (ASG), serving as a senator, two years as the secretary for academic affairs, and as this year's chief of staff. In these roles, she has served as the liaison to the Board of Trustees, the Liberal Education Council, and on the Affordable Learning and Open Educational Resources Committee (AL/OERC). In her service on AL/OERC, Annika spearheaded an effort to expand the Textbook Reserve Program, which allows short term access to textbooks from Miami's top 50 classes by size. Annika was not only the student voice on AL/OERC, but also led the successful submission of a M.I.A.M.I. Women grant that resulted in an additional $10,000 for the program. Annika's efforts allowed the program to expand to serve Miami's top 100 classes by size. Those additional 50 courses annually have a combined enrollment of over 9,000 students. Annika was the only student on a panel held in conjunction with the 2018 Ohio governor's State of the State address, titled "College textbooks and the state of affordable learning initiatives in Ohio."

Outside of ASG and affordability, Annika has also been deeply involved in the JANUS Forum, serving as both vice president and president of the organization. She has led efforts to bring speakers to campus from opposing sides to discuss an issue currently important in society. As if that isn't enough, Annika has served on the Business Student Advisory Committee, the Honors Advisory Board, the Governmental Relations Network, the recent Provost search committee, and has conducted research and written op-eds about U.S. drone strikes.