Undergraduate Research Award Program

URA Program Submission Deadline

Mon Mar 1, 2021 Spring semester application deadline

Get the application [MS Word file] from your department or program. 

Student Responsibilities & Eligibility

1) reviewing the URA program guidelines carefully 2) finding a mentor to supervise the project, 3) writing the proposal 4) arranging for mentor's proposal review (at least two weeks before the deadline), 5) obtaining the required mentor's signature on the application, and 6) submitting the URA proposal online.

Full time undergraduate students in all disciplines on all campuses who have a GPA of at least 2.0 are eligible to apply. A student may receive only one award from this university senate sponsored program per academic year. Although projects must be initiated and developed by student applicant(s), a faculty member must also sponsor each project.

Mentor Responsibility

Each project (proposed by an individual or by a student team*) must be endorsed by a faculty sponsor who will be the award financial manager and who MUST ensure the student(s) adhere with compliance committee requirements prior to starting the project. As part of the application process, the sponsor also certifies that the project is worth doing, has educational value to the student(s) and can be accomplished in the proposed time frame.

Application Process

Students may submit individual projects or team1 projects. Each individual student project or team project must be endorsed by a mentor. Applicants should send the final to the mentor two weeks before the deadline.

Under the guidance of the mentor, the student should complete the URA Application, write the research proposal, obtain the required mentor signature and submit the application online by the fall or spring deadline. Undergraduate Research Coordinator, Martha Weber, provides administrative support for the program and will email the committee's decision letters by end of the semester.

A student team is made up of two or more students working on the same project with the same end goal. For student team submissions, only one person will submit an application and that person will supply each additional team member's name, major, expected year of graduation, etc. on the application form.

New this Year! Students are invited to identify a project subcategory, if applicable!

Proposals in these areas are encouraged to address a scholarly question that will lead to testable objectives or measurable outcomes. Regular eligibility criteria and application procedures, as outlined in the URA Program Guidelines, will apply.

DEI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Description) 
In keeping with broader university-wide diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, a portion of available funds will be reserved for research, scholarship, or creative activities in the areas of social justice, human rights, diversity, equity and inclusion. 

IDEA (Interdisciplinary Engagement Award) (Description)
This award category provides a student team an opportunity to collaborate with at least one faculty mentor across student team members’  disciplinary boundaries. The award can be used to address a research question and intentionally apply knowledge from different fields. 

Online Submission Required by 5:00pm Monday, March 1, 2021

Click the URA Online Application Form to Submit

Enter data, upload your pdf file, and click the Submit button.  ORU staff will email an application status update by end of the semester.