Undergraduate Research Award Program

The Undergraduate Research Award (URA) program encourages students to seek out a faculty-mentored experience in developing a research grant proposal. The aim and result of specific projects supported by the program may be modest as long as the work can reasonably be interpreted as research or a creative endeavor. Applications may be made for support of a research project that is also being conducted for academic credit.

Typical awards range from $150 to $500, but individual projects of exceptional merit or projects involving student teams1 may be funded up to $1,000. 

Student Eligibility and Responsibilities

All enrolled full-time undergraduate students in all disciplines on all campuses who have a GPA of at least 2.0 are eligible to apply. A student may receive only one award from this university senate sponsored program per academic year. Although projects must be initiated and developed by student applicant(s), a faculty member must also sponsor each project. The student is responsible for: 1) finding a faculty sponsor, 2) writing the proposal 3) arranging for faculty sponsor proposal review (well in advance of the deadline), 4) ensuring the sponsor's final review occurs at least two weeks before the submission deadline, 5) obtaining the required faculty sponsor signature on the application, and 6) assembling the application and electronic submission of the proposal.

Faculty Sponsor Responsibility

Each project (proposed by an individual or by a student team*) must be endorsed by a faculty sponsor will be the award financial manager and who MUST ensure the student(s) adhere with compliance committee requirements prior to starting the project. As part of the application process, the sponsor also certifies that the project is worth doing, has educational value to the student(s) and can be accomplished in the proposed time frame.

Application Process

URA applications are submitted one semester before the proposed conduct of the research project. Monday Oct 5, 2020 Fall semester application deadline
Monday Mar 1, 2021 Spring semester application deadline.

Students may submit individual projects or team1 projects. Each individual student project or team project must be endorsed by a sponsor who certifies that the project is worth doing, has educational value to the student(s) and can be accomplished in the proposed time frame.

The student should complete the URA Application, write the research proposal, obtain the required faculty signature and submit the application online by the fall or spring deadline. Undergraduate Research Coordinator, Martha Weber, who provides administrative support for this University Senate Program will transmit the application to the URA committee for evaluation.

[1A student team is made up of two or more students working on the same project with the same end goal. For student team submissions, only one person will submit an application and that person will supply all additional team members’ names and demographic information on the application form.]

Get the application from a department or program

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Step 2. Online Submission Required

Click Upload to display the online form. Enter data, upload your pdf file, and submit.  ORU staff will email an application status update by end of the semester.