Alumni Veterans Tribute

The completed tribute memorial, two granite and metal intertwining walls, etched with the names of Miami veterans.

Tribute Ceremony

Sunday, November 11, 2018
2–2:45 p.m.

Between the Campus Avenue Building and Wells Hall 

Miami pays tribute to veterans of the past, present, and future.

With the goal of preserving history, the Alumni Veterans Tribute project began five years ago when the former Rowan Hall, originally constructed to house Miami’s Naval ROTC, became part of the Armstrong Student Center. Under the leadership of Dave Miller (Miami ’60, MBA ’69), David Lawrence (Miami ’64), and a committee of fellow alumni veterans, the effort evolved into a broader vision recognizing those who have served from all five U.S. military branches.

“From the Miamians who marched together to the Oxford train station on their way to fight on each side of the Civil War to an extensive history of graduating U.S. military leaders, Miami has a proud tradition of alumni in military service,” Lawrence said.

Designed by university architect emeritus Robert Keller ’73, the Veterans Tribute consists of the following five elements:

  • Two interwoven and rising spirals that represent liberty and justice and wind inward toward an illuminated U.S. flag
  • An engraved band of names on the spirals of those who were killed in action or missing in action, symbolically placing Miami’s heroes at the foundation of U.S. freedoms
  • Inscriptions of the Bill of Rights, military oath, Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble to the Constitution on the metal cap of the wall
  • Quotes from former U.S. Presidents Benjamin Harrison (Miami 1852), Woodrow Wilson, and Harry S. Truman, and Gen. George S. Patton.
  • A five-pointed star, featuring five entrances that each have a triangular planter box with the seal of one of the military branches

Lawrence hopes the effort honors alumni veterans and, in a meaningful way, engages all those who value the service of Miami’s military veterans. “This is a salute by Miamians to nearly two centuries of alumni who’ve served — not only the fallen and the historically prominent,” Lawrence said. “This will be an artistically reflective place to express and experience the values and emotions that are stirred while remembering our veterans.”

Miami currently acknowledges nearly 8,000 alumni who have served and 279 killed in action or missing in action.

Your Service Counts

Are you a Miamian and a Veteran?

Miami University and the Miami University Alumni Association wish to celebrate the fine tradition of military service by its alumni (anyone who attended Miami for at least one semester). If you or a member of your family served in the military, we want to ensure that our records of your service and those of your loved ones are up to date.

In addition to reporting service, records of living veterans can be included in a searchable, public database; however, participants must opt in for inclusion.

Report your military service and opt in to be included in the Veterans Tribute database »

Report the service of a deceased Miamian who should be recognized in the Veterans Tribute database »

View the listing

Miami Friends, American Heroes

Miami has a proud tradition of alumni in the military, which includes the service of Terry Graves ('67) and William "Rich" Higgins ('67)—best friends in college who became two of Miami's most decorated veterans.

1967 Miami Yearbook highlighting the graduation pictures of Terry Graves and William Rich Higgins

Read the story of these heroes in Miamian.

Student Veterans Center

Miami students studying in the center for military-affiliated studentsMiami's new Student Veterans Center in Wells Hall provides student veterans and military-affiliated students with a space to be around others with similar backgrounds and experiences. The Center is available to the students 24/7 and includes such amenities as desktop computers, comfortable furniture, a television and refrigerator, and lockers for storage.

The Center is handicapped accessible, in the center of campus and close to the Campus Avenue Building, which houses two locations the veterans may need: One Stop and the Student Success Center.

A result of collaboration by many staff members at Miami, the new Center will be open to the public before and after the Tribute ceremony on Sunday, November 11.

Make a Gift

Make a gift to the veterans tribute online

You can also send your gift by postal mail to the following address:

Miami University Foundation
Panuska Development Center
725 E. Chestnut Street
Oxford, Ohio 45056

Please make the check payable to "Miami University Veterans Tribute."

*To learn more about this project, contact Evan Lichtenstein, senior director of development for the College of Arts and Science, at 513-529-1263 or


“That Miami has produced more than its share of military leaders over generations, from Souers to Buehl to Higgins to Arthur to Ralston, underscores its reputation as a premier institution of relatively small size. Consequently, a tribute to Miami Veterans not only honors America's fighting men and women, but also recalls the high values we hold dearly and have inculcated in our students since Miami's founding in 1809.”

-Lt. General Robert R. Ruark ’81, USMC 
Miami’s highest-ranking active military officer