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Miami University participates in the Inter-University Counsel Insurance Consortium (IUC-IC). This consortium was formed to coordinate the purchase of property and liability insurance for many of Ohio 's public universities. Participating in a pooled insurance arrangement allows the institutions to achieve together—through collaboration and cooperation—what institutions may be unable to achieve alone.

Risk Management Department


  • Oversight of the University's property and casualty insurance programs
  • Certificates of Insurance to meet contractual obligations
  • Driver training and insurability checks
  • Third- party claims resolution
  • Allocation of insurance premiums and claims costs


Covers direct physical loss of or damage to all real and personal property not otherwise excluded in which the university has an insurable interest and the cause of which is the result of an insured peril. The University deductible is $100,000. The policy deductible is $5,000 for Oxford E&G departments and $100,000 for auxiliaries and regionals campuses.

Losses due to the failure of building systems for Oxford E&G buildings, such as losses due to broken water pipes, are fully covered and have no departmental deductible.

Privately owned property used or stored on University premises is the responsibility of its owner unless the property is required as a condition of employment.  Requests for reimbursement or new purchases to repair/replace personal items will not be approved under the Miami University insurance program.  

Auto Liability

Provides bodily injury and property damage liability protection for damages resulting from the ownership, maintenance, use, loading or unloading of a covered auto. The premium payments for this insurance are charged to the departments.

Commercial General Liability

Provides general liability protection, subject to varying terms, conditions and limits for bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury liability, advertising injury liability and medical expenses. Policy deductible is $5,000 for Oxford E&G departments and $100,000 for auxiliaries and regionals campuses.

Educators Legal Liability

Provides coverage for damages resulting from alleged wrongful acts, errors or omissions for which the university is legally obligated to pay on account of any claim brought against them not otherwise excluded under the policy. Policy deductible is $5,000 for Oxford E&G departments and $100,000 for auxiliaries and regionals campuses.

Foreign Liability

Protects against general liability exposures occurring outside the United States, its territories and possessions, Puerto Rico and Canada. Additional insurance, available through LifeLong Learning (513-529-8600) Global Assistance Program, provides emergency services to employees traveling overseas on University sponsored business. 

Umbrella Excess Liability

This insuring agreement provides additional liability protection for bodily injury and property damage beyond that covered by the institution's basic underlying insurance. Deductibles are not affected by this policy.

Student Event Liability (Sports General Liability) 

This insuring agreement provides liability and protection for bodily injury and property damage for basic student events. Non-covered activities are detailed on the Event Form on the Hub. Supplemental insurance may be obtained by the student organization for an additional fee. Rates are determined by the event risk and the projected number of participants.

Proof of Insurance

To obtain a memorandum of insurance (proof of insurance) visit Marsh