May 2014

MUPD Policy and Procedures Manual

Miami University Police Department (MUPD) Lean Team members— Jeffrey Brock, Marjorie Foust, George MacDonald, John McCandless, Lori Minges, Andrew Rosenberger, and Stephen VanWinkle—have implemented a new process to streamline, assign, create, approve, maintain and distribute the MUPD Policy & Procedures Manual. Over the years, the process of updating the Policy & Procedures Manual has been time consuming and costly. The ultimate goal for this project was to convert the manual to an electronic version and eliminate the need for binders and providing paper updates to each staff member in the department. After studying the current state, the team was able to reduce the 10 step process to 3 steps and locate the Policy & Procedures Manual on Miami’s Niihka site, where all MUPD staff members can access it from work or home. Updates are made to the website and an email notification is sent out to each department employee. The new electronic manual is saving paper and ink, but more importantly, has eliminated the time spent by employees to update their paper manuals when changes occur. In addition to the green savings from this project, the cost avoidance is $1,425 and the cost reduction is $2,478. Perhaps equally important, the Policy & Procedures Manual is now much more easily accessed by all members of the department.

Centralized Menu Support for Maplestreet Station (Lean Inspired)

In preparation for the opening of Maplestreet Station (MSS), Lean team members Jon Brubacher, Becky Conrad, Adam Hamilton and Beverly Rambo took on the task of identifying ways to provide central support to these dining venues. The Lean team approached the project by assessing each dining venue’s menus to identify items that could be centrally produced from the Demske Culinary Support Center (DCSC). Using the DCSC to help manage waste creates consistent standards, improves portion control and allows the menu items to be “batch cooked” as needed. This list included meatloaf, French toast batter, salads, sliced meat and cheese, sushi, elote, salsas, vegetables, pizza dough, dressings and bakery items. Although some items are already produced at DCSC, the team valued the time it took to gather ingredients, measure, chop/process, assemble, cook, cool, portion, label and store, and computed the labor savings for each of the seven concepts. The estimated cost avoidance from the central preparation of these items is $43,750 a year. The initial phase of this Lean project was completed at the beginning of this calendar year. There is still ongoing development of new products, both commercial and made centrally at DCSC, the newest being the implementation of a commercial egg patty for breakfast sandwiches. Further entrée development is being discussed and will be tested during the summer of 2014 for Americas and Pac Rim.

Fundamentals of Lean Agile Course Offered

A Fundamentals of Lean Agile seminar, facilitated by Alan Bustamante, was hosted on April 29th on Miami’s Oxford Campus. Fifteen staff members attended from Finance and Business Services, IT Services and Academic Affairs. The seminar introduced attendees to Agile methodologies and provided an overview of how to apply Agile values and principles for product development and process improvement. Agile methods break tasks into small increments allowing process changes to be more easily implemented. Although Agile had its beginnings in software development, this methodology can be applied to any development project. The course was offered by the Miami University Corporate & Community Institute and a Lean Agile course will be available to other interested employees in the future.