January 2015

Meet the Senior Department Lean Leaders for 2015

Senior Department Lean Leaders provide leadership, training and mentoring to over 150 Lean project teams currently in progress. They also serve on departmental steering teams and assist with monitoring projects and measuring their success and sustainability. The calendar year 2015 Senior Department Lean Leaders are pictured below.

Left to right back row: Al Ryan- Director of Lean Initiatives, Jeremy Davis (PFD), Jeff Pidcock (Finance, Treasury, Budget)
Front row: Lori Minges (ESRM and MUPD), Kriss Cassano (Enrollment), Cindy Lewis (Training), Anne Wheeler (HR),
Chris Pirigyi (HDRBS), Dana Miller (IT Services)
Not pictured: Emily Berry (UA)

International Tax Standards Kaizen Event

As part of the University’s 2020 Plan, Miami is welcoming more and more international students and scholars to campus each year. These students and scholars are not only getting a high-quality education in their respective fields, but many are becoming involved in the University’s workforce. In 2013, there were over 600 international student employees working in all areas of the University. 

In keeping with the University’s 2020 Plan, Payroll Services sponsored a 4-day MU Lean Kaizen Event to look at the standards and practices in place for assisting our international students and scholars with the filing of their taxes. The team consisted of Lori Cramer (HDRBS), Dr. David Keitges (International Student and Scholar Services), Gary Kraft (Payroll), and Brittany Ramey (Payroll). The team, led by Mike Savnik (HDRBS), looked at the current processes and documentation, the format of the tax sessions held by Payroll Services each year, and the assistance and services other schools and universities are currently providing.

Several new standard informational documents resulted from the Kaizen, including a “Welcome to Miami Employment” memo, an “Introduction to U.S. Taxes” memo, a “Miami University Tax FAQ’s” manual, and instruction manuals for the software used for the filing of taxes by international employees. These new standards, along with increased awareness from the time of hire, will enable the Payroll Services office to avoid $750 of annual cost while increasing productivity by 1%. More importantly, the University is now providing more and better services to our growing number of international students and scholars. Providing these students with information on individual tax responsibility and compliance, as well as an educational opportunity outside of the classroom, will further ensure their experience at Miami meets all of their needs.

Certification News

Becky Stephenson (HR), Jeff Johnson (ESRM), and Majorie Foust (MUPD) completed all requirements for the Lean certificate program and are now Senior Lean Leaders. Congratulations Becky, Jeff and Marjorie! 

On January 21st, five staff members from HDRBS completed the Project Presentation requirement for Senior Lean Leadership: Sherri Bowling, Tara Britton, Lori Cramer, Sarah Thacker, and Mike Savnik. Each of these Lean Leaders is now one step closer to certification.