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September 2015

Staff Development Offers LeanOhio Bootcamp

LeanOhio Bootcamp: Transforming the Public Sector is an intensive five-day program designed to equip local government organizations with the skills and knowledge needed to make processes simpler, faster, better and less costly. The Bootcamp is targeted to those working in local government including municipal, village, township, county and regional offices as well as K-12 school districts. The Lean Initiatives Office has worked closely with Phil Russo, Miami University Center for Public Management and Regional Affairs (CPMRA), to bring information about this training opportunity to local government employees.

Miami University will be hosting the first bootcamp October 5th through 9th. This week-long training will be facilitated by Becky Dysart, Brenda Curry and Jeff Shaver. They will be joined by 15 staff members from local county, municipal and township offices. Becky is currently a LeanOhio Approved Instructor and Brenda and Jeff will be completing their certification with this training. In addition to the staff members from local government, three additional Miami staff members will be beginning their LeanOhio certification process; Brandon Burke, Cindy Lewis and Dana Miller. The Staff Development office plans to offer four bootcamps in 2016. Scholarships are available for government organizations to offset the course fee. Learn more about the LeanOhio Bootcamp program and scholarships.

HDRBS Lean Infusion

Housing, Dining, Recreation, and Business Services (HDRBS) began their Lean journey in 2008. This early effort produced cost savings for the department and also generated new revenue streams. During the genesis of Lean in 2009, HDRBS recognized training, leadership, and mentoring gaps in the department’s organizational structure. To achieve a sustainable Lean program, HDRBS sponsored a LEAN Infusion team. This initial group of 15 HDRBS employees, comprised of those in the Senior Lean Leaders and Lean team project leaders, was formed to deliver guidance and steady waste reduction information to the department. This innovative group contributed to supporting Lean by developing short educational presentations to front line staff meetings, offering niche learning points at planning and administrative meetings and mentorship. The Infusion team’s ultimate goal was to provide professional development to those in the Lean program and to allow Lean methodologies to reach the entire HDRBS department through these infusion efforts.

Over the past 6 years, the LEAN Infusion team’s approach has adapted to meet the department’s training needs, but the team’s goal has always remained the same- to positively impact processes through training and staff support and to give HDRBS staff the tools necessary to ultimately create the best student experience in the nation. Over time, as the workload has increased, so have the demands on this Infusion team. From 2009-2016 there were 103 “just do it” launches, 91 completed projects and another almost 40 projects currently in progress totaling over 8 million dollars in cost avoidance, reduction and new revenue. The Infusion team has grown to 21 employees with eight having completed Lean certification and another five Lean Leaders nearing completion of the program. As the department’s educational development increases, HDRBS’s ability to troubleshoot challenges in a systematic manner using Lean tools and principles has strengthened. To further bolster the Lean program in HDRBS, the Infusion team recently developed a Personal Lean Roadmap to guide the professional development of those staff members in the Senior Lean Leader Certification program.

Certification News

On September 30th, four staff members completed the Project Presentation requirement for Senior Lean Leadership: Brenda Curry (Human Resources), Kelly Donathan (HDRBS), Melissa Kennel (MUPD), and Amy Shaiman (Human Resources). Each of these Lean Leaders is now one step closer to reaching certification.