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November 2016

Lean Fair Update

The next Lean Fair will be held on Wednesday, January 11th in the Armstrong Student Center. This event, now in its third year University-wide, was created to provide information about Lean and to recognize the accomplishments of those employees engaged in our Lean initiatives. The theme for this year's fair is "Miami's Lean Journey" and will emphasize the tacit nature of implementing Lean, the importance of tying together the technical and social sides of Lean, the significance of management's involvement, and the ability of Miami University to sustain its Lean program.

The practical learning format of the Lean fair features 12 breakout presentations, valuable peer to peer discussions, and interactive hands-on simulations. The presentations include topics such as: how Academic Affairs streamlined the Program Review process, an update on the geothermal plant, an overview of the HDRBS ten-minute Lean training videos, and information about how Lean is being used to enhance custodial services. Furthermore, there will be meaningful insight opportunities provided at 15 learning stations explaining how Lean was used to improve civilian fingerprinting, skate sharpening, and campus lighting efficiency, the Lean curriculum, and how to Go Green. Bring your campus ID and be prepared to leave with ideas you can employ.

Student Organization Treasurer Training

A cross-functional team led by Rachel Kelly was assembled to address mandatory treasurer training for Student Organizations. Along with Rachel, team members Drew Davis and Cindy Fledderman from Student Activities and Mandy Pettit from Accounts Payable joined forces to improve the training process and assist student treasurers with their important role.

Currently, Miami has 579 student organizations who depend on financial accounts maintained at the University. To obtain access to these funds, the treasurer of each student organization must first complete mandatory training through the Accounts Payable office. Although 46 training sessions were offered in 2015, treasurers found it difficult to fit the training into their schedules and struggled to retain the massive amount of information delivered during each session.

The Student Organization Training team dedicated their time to refining the training process, improving the quality of training and reducing the time staff spent delivering and training. After a thorough review of options, the team concluded that online training through the University's e-learning platform, Canvas, would significantly improve the delivery process as students were already familiar with this format and could work at their own pace. 

Once the decision was made on the training platform, the team turned its focus to revamping the training materials. Although previous treasurer training only covered Buyway payment processing and reimbursement requests, the team decided to develop additional training on reviewing transaction history, depositing funds, requesting cash advances and expense transfers. Training content was then developed for each step and incorporated into a Canvas course with proven learning outcomes. Only upon successful completion of the homework assignment and final assessment is a treasurer given access to Buyway and the student organizations' funds.

The new online training is more comprehensive and convenient and has resulted in a reduction in the number of errors made during invoice and reimbursement processing. In fact, rejected requests dropped by 50% in the 3 month period following the training's release in August. In addition to the positive results for students, both training time and reprocessing time spent by Accounts Payable have been significantly reduced. 

Certification News

Laurie Samson from Housing, Dining Recreation and Business Services is our newest Certified Lean Leader. Laurie completed all requirements for the Lean Leader Certification Program. Congratulations Laurie!