Students walking to class

May 2017

Certification News

Paula Murray from Grants and Contracts and Dustin Hill and Mark Lawrence from Physical Facilities are our newest Certified Lean Leaders.  Paula, Dustin and Mark completed all requirements for the Lean Leader Certification Program and received their certificates at this month’s staff meeting.  Congratulations, Paula, Dustin and Mark!

Student Package Center Project

Miami University will be premiering a new Student Package Center, moving from Wells Hall to the Shriver Center, in August of 2017.  As a part of this move, a cross-departmental team from PFD, HDRBS, and Purchasing reviewed the current state of the university package center operations and recommended a future state including upgraded technology.  Specifically, Miami will utilize a substantial number of intelligent lockers where delivery companies will deliver straight to a locker. 

Students will receive notification of the delivery via email including a PIN code.  This will allow students to utilize their smart phones to retrieve packages at their convenience during extended package center hours.  The student will simply enter the PIN code at the kiosk and the appropriate locker will pop open.  With 13 kiosks, no more waiting in line!  Not only will this locker program improve the student experience, it will allow for package volume growth at over 20% per year in a smaller, more centrally located space on campus. Oversize packages, packages containing perishables, or packages not picked up within 24 hours will be available at an exception window during normal business hours.

Thanks to all who participated on this project:  Brandon Burke, Matt Frericks, Anita Byrd, Carol Hensley, Ted Christian, Kim Kinsel, Bill Shawver, Cody Powell, Sarah Thacker, Kristin Meyer, and Zachary Roebel.

HDRBS Lean Scribe Program

The HDRBS Lean Scribe Program idea originated within the HDRBS Lean Infusion group. The project was led by Jen Wood and included Sherri Bowling, Cathy Schuck, Stellar Cen, and Marjorie Foust. The goal of the project was to create a pool of trained scribes for the HDRBS department that could be used for Lean projects.

After completing a survey with HDRBS Lean leaders, it was discovered that several leaders had to be both the scribe and the lead on their projects.  Team leaders felt that team members were was not fully trained in the duties of a scribe. As this role is a critical part of the Lean process, a program was developed to cultivate those skills and outline the duties of a scribe on a Lean project. 

Wood and her team created a scribe job description, a training program that utilizes the Excel to Visio Lean tools and metrics, and a flow chart of activities for both supervisors and participants to complete the scribe certification.  Those members completing the scribe program, will be assigned to future Lean projects.  This program is an opportunity for a staff members to participate in the Lean program but not be leaders of Lean teams. 

This presently is a trial program within HDRBS. The Lean Initiatives Office and Senior Department Lean Leaders are following the pilot program closely to determine whether it should be implemented campus-wide.  Anyone interested in participating in the pilot program should speak with their supervisor.