Roudebush Hall
Roudebush Hall, home of Miami's administrative offices

Institutional Response Team

The Institutional Response Team (IRT) is a task force of professionals representing a broad range of offices and expertise on campus. The team consists of mental health, health, residence life, and student conduct professionals, legal and media counsel, police and faculty, and is led by the university's police chief and dean of students.

The IRT meets monthly to monitor campus incidents and climate and remains poised to respond in a variety of campus situations. In the event of an emergency, the IRT may call upon the Crisis Management Team to handle the immediate crisis and manage its aftermath

An Emergency Response Information brochure, which includes emergency procedures and contact information, was prepared and distributed to all faculty and staff in 2008. To view this information online, see Emergency Preparedness.


  • Kip Alishio
    Director, Student Counseling
  • Chris Connell
    Miami Hamilton, Senior Director of Administration
  • Mike Curme
    Interim Associate Vice President & Dean of Students; Associate Dean, Farmer School of Business and Associate Professor of Economics
  • Tracy Davis
    Miami VOA, Student Services Coordinator
  • Dennis Fleetwood
    Director, Environmental Health and Safety
  • John McCandless
    Miami University Chief of Police
  • Kathy McNally, R.N.
    Practice Coordinator, Student Health Services
  • Shevonne Nelson
    Assistant Director, Diversity Affairs; Coordinator, GLBTQ Services
  • Gerald Olson
    Director, Residence Life
  • Robin Parker
    University Counsel
  • Timothy Parsons
    Case Manager, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Stephen Quaye
    Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership 
  • Bob Rusbosin
    Regional Senior Associate Dean of Students
  • Susan Vaughn
    Director, Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution
  • Claire Wagner
    Director, University News and Communications