Miami University's Tuition Promise

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Miami's Tuition Promise.

Providing the predictability and assurance families need to plan financially for a college education

We understand that choosing a college or university is one of the most important decisions students and families will ever make. Miami is committed to providing the greatest return on families' educational investment. Now, we're making this important decision easier.

Miami’s Tuition Promise will provide all First-Time undergraduate students and their families the certainty that Tuition, Room and Board, Special Purpose Fees, and Course Fees will be frozen over the four years of a student’s Miami experience. By holding tuition and fees constant, Miami’s Tuition Promise provides the confidence students and families need to plan financially for a college education. Stability in costs also ensures that a student’s renewable scholarships and financial aid dollars will retain their value over the entire four-year period.

Making a high-quality, transformative college experience more financially predictable and accessible is a priority for Miami University. Our Tuition Promise is just one important step in that direction. It’s our pledge to you—our promise.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Miami's Tuition Promise?

Miami’s Tuition Promise provides all undergraduate First-Time Students and their families the certainty that Tuition, Room and Board, Special Purpose Fees and Course Fees will not increase over the four academic years of their Miami experience. Miami’s Tuition Promise provides transparency and predictability about the cost of attending Miami University’s Oxford campus. The Tuition Promise is scheduled to start with First-Time Students enrolling in fall 2016.

2. How long does the Tuition Promise last?

For undergraduate First-Time Students, the four academic years of the Tuition Promise include eight consecutive semesters, four winter and four summer terms. The four-academic year period is guaranteed regardless of enrollment status (full- or part-time or not enrolled). Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees each academic year and guaranteed for eight consecutive semesters for each entering Cohort. Winter and summer terms are charged separately based on the guaranteed Cohort per-credit-hour rate.

3. Who qualifies for Miami's Tuition Promise?

Beginning with the 2016–2017 academic year, Miami's Tuition Promise will apply to undergraduate First-Time Students—both Ohio and non-Ohio resident first-year, transfer (see #20), or international students who enroll in a degree-seeking program on Miami’s Oxford campus.

4. What is included in Miami's Tuition Promise?

The program covers Tuition (Instructional and General Fee), Room And Board, Special Purpose Fees, and Course Fees. General Fees are charged to all students for non-instructional services and programs on campus, such as student life facilities, programs, and transportation. Special Purpose Fees help defray the cost of some specialized academic programs, and Course Fees may offset the cost of instructional materials and/or other costs used by the student in the course.

5. What costs are not included as part of Miami's Tuition Promise?

Other fees and charges incurred by students for items such as vehicle registration, textbook purchases or rentals, library and parking fees and fines, are excluded from the guarantee program and may be subject to price changes. Miami University will seek to limit increases to these costs.

6. What will Tuition be for Ohio residents and non-Ohio residents for 2016–2017 under Miami's Tuition Promise?

Miami University Tuition and Fees for First-Time Students Enrolling in the 2016 Cohort
Year Ohio Resident Non-Resident
2016-2017 $14,736 $32,555
2017-2018 $14,736 $32,555
2018-2019 $14,736 $32,555
2019-2020 $14,736 $32,555

Room and Board, Special Purpose Fees, and Course Fees are not included in the above figures, but are fixed for each Cohort.

The Farmer School of Business per-course-credit-hour fee and the per-semester fee for the College of Engineering and Computing are additional fees and will also be constant for four years.

7. How will this affect scholarships?

All Miami University four-year renewable scholarships will retain their full value with the Tuition Promise since both the cost and the scholarship amounts will stay the same for four years.

8. Are Room and Board included?

Yes. Room and Board fees are also fixed for each Cohort. Students pay a fee based on the housing and meal plan selected. If a student chooses a different residential or meal plan option after enrolling, the cost will be adjusted based on the rates set at the time of initial enrollment.

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Prospective Students

Questions about what the Tuition Promise means for you? Contact the Office of Admission at 513-529-2531.


For media inquiries, contact University News and Communications at 513-529-7592.


First-Time Student

A First-Time Student is any undergraduate, degree-seeking student enrolled on Miami University’s Oxford campus for the first time on or after fall 2016.


First-Time Students are identified as a Cohort (group) based on the semester in which they first enroll as degree-seeking students.

Returning Students

Students enrolled at Miami’s Oxford campus prior to summer term 2016 and who are enrolled in fall term 2016 and later are considered Returning Students for purposes of assessing tuition and other fees and are not covered by the Miami Tuition Promise.

Tuition (Instructional Fee and General Fee)

Tuition is the sum of the Instructional Fee and General Fee. For non-Ohio-resident students, Tuition also includes a tuition surcharge.

Instructional Fee: These are the guaranteed instructional costs that all First-Time, degree-seeking students will pay.

General Fee: These are campus fees charged to all students for non-instructional services and programs on campus, such as orientation, health, education and services, recreation, athletics, transportation, access to technology, the Armstrong Student Center, other student-life facilities and student activities.

Room and Board Charges

Room and Board charges are the guaranteed rates for housing and meal plan options. Students pay a guaranteed fee based on their selected housing and meal plan.

Additional Tuition Promise Guaranteed Fees

Special Purpose Fees: Special Purpose Fees are additional per-semester charges that vary by college within the University and support specialized academic programs and instruction in that specific college (e.g., the College of Engineering and Computing major fees and the Architecture, Interior Design and Music major fees in the College of Creative Arts).

Course Fees: Course Fees are per-credit-hour charges for certain courses or course-related costs and vary based on the course (e.g., the per-credit-hour Farmer School of Business course fee, laboratory fees).

Matriculation Fee

Orientation, and graduation fees are included in the guaranteed Matriculation fee.

In an exclusive analysis comparing spending and educational quality, U.S. News & World Report identified Miami as the most efficient school among the nation's public universities. (January 2015)