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Honors Programs

Students looking for a unique educational experience will find exciting challenges and opportunities at Miami University.

University Honors Program (UHP)

Miami's University Honors Program provides an environment that enhances intellectual and personal growth. It gives students the ability to customize their educational experience to their individual goals; meet their general education requirements through both in-class and out-of-class experiences; participate in small, interactive seminar classes; have close interaction and receive personal guidance from exemplary faculty and staff; live in an optional honors residence hall; and receive support for undergraduate research and study abroad.

Additional programs designed to complement the University Honors program are available within various divisions and departments. Many departments also offer enriched opportunities for students in their major. For information on departmental honors programs, consult your home department upon entering Miami University.

University Academic Scholars Program (UASP)

The University Academic Scholars Program selects exceptional students with interests in a particular majors, academic areas, or professional fields. Students in these programs are given powerful and exclusive experiential opportunities, such as faculty mentoring, networking, research, or internships, which complement their academic study and prepare them for leadership positions and graduate school opportunities in their chosen fields.