Honors College 2021

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Honors College

Access rigorous courses and funding for research, independent projects, and study abroad while benefiting from personalized advising that supports your studies and career goals.


  • Guaranteed admission to select graduate programs
  • Access to research funding
  • Priority course registration

Undergraduate Research

Afforded experiences that are typically reserved for graduate programs, Miami’s Honors College students complete rigorous, scholarly curricular requirements and produce a thesis or major project that meets the quality of publishable or professional work by the time that they graduate. To realize these expectations, students in the Honors College will have access to the following benefits:

  • Research methods courses related to their field of study
  • Direct faculty mentorship of their research, creative, or pre-professional project
  • Financial support for conference presentations, publications, teaching, and/or research related to their project
Students working in Community Garden for USS project
 Students in Chemistry lab with faculty researcher
 Jay Smart working with students in postural lab
Liang Chun working with student conducting biology research
 Research in Classics
Student research - water sampling
 Student and faculty conducting research

Residential Program

The Honors College features a residential college that fosters a comprehensive and transformative experience by combining community activities with courses and enhanced academic support. Students live with other similarly motivated students, developing lifelong friendships and engaging in academic, experiential learning, and social experiences that will contribute to their personal and professional growth and development. Features of the residential college will include:

  • State-of-the-art residence halls open exclusively to honors students
  • A student-led community of learners, with student-crafted community standards and distinctive student-designed traditions
  • Dedicated Honors academic and advising support, including the presence of a Faculty-in-Residence
Pond and fountain on Honors Residency
 Hillcrest Hall
 Beechwoods Hall with fountain
 Dining Hall
Students in room in Beechwood
 Students in room in Beechwood