MacCracken Hall

We have many services and programs to protect Miami community members and to help make Miami a safer place to live, work, and study.

University Police

We have our own police department, with police officers commissioned by the State of Ohio. On patrol at all times, Miami University Police take reports, investigate criminal offenses, enforce traffic and parking regulations, and encourage crime prevention.

University Police routinely informs the Miami community of crimes that may affect us by sending electronic crime alerts to every Miami email address, posting flyers, and informing the press. In addition, the police department's team of community relations specialists work with residence halls to stress crime prevention, promote personal safety, and maintain open lines of communication with Miami students.

Miami's record of safety over the years is very strong. In accordance with federal law, Miami makes available a document describing campus crime statistics, policies and procedures of our University Police, and policies related to drug and alcohol use. This document is online at in the "Health and Safety" section. For a copy, contact University Police.

Residence Safety

Miami recently installed a robust door access system with electronic locks on each student room door. Students use their Miami ID (a secure "smart" card) for access. The online real-time system allows the student to cancel a lost or stolen card instantly, and room doors remain locked when closed. (Students have the ability to register their cell phone and use it for access as well.) Main doors to the residence halls are also secured 24 hours a day, requiring students to use their ID card for access. Telephones are located on each floor and mounted outside the residence halls for visitors to summon an escort.

Emergency call boxes are available at various locations throughout the campus, which serve as a means to contact University Police in an emergency or to request an escort for personal safety. The Nighttime Door to Door (NDD) program provides this service for students who might otherwise travel alone during evening hours; call for the NDD van at 513-529-2277. The Miami Metro bus system also operates during the evening.

All Miami residence halls meet or exceed fire code and safety standards. We also have fire drills and evacuation training each year. The smoke detectors in every residence hall room are serviced and cleaned annually, and all public areas have fire alarm systems. Miami's "smart" system provides fire officials with an exact location (down to the room number) of the smoke's source.

Campus Emergency Plan

Miami has established a comprehensive management plan that includes response procedures and strategies for communication in the event of an emergency. This plan includes a text messaging service that community members may opt into at no cost; the service is used to notify the community of serious emergencies and other events that may close the campus. For more information, see Miami's Emergency Preparedness website.