High School Curriculum

To be considered for admission, you must have earned a state-certified high school diploma or a high school equivalence diploma, or acquired credentials that demonstrate levels of academic achievement equivalent to that of graduates of state accredited high schools.

High School (State-Accredited) Diploma or High School Equivalence Diploma

Applicants are expected to have completed the curriculum below, and most exceed these minimums. However, based on our holistic application review, students who are deficient in these areas may still be admitted but will be required to make up for any deficiencies as Miami students.
  • English: 4 years
  • Math: 4 years
  • Natural science: 3 years, including at least one year of physical science and one of biological science
  • Social science: 3 years, including at least one year of history
  • Foreign language: 2 years, both in the same language
  • Fine arts: 1 year; can be art, drama, dance, or music — either appreciation or performance

Home School

Alternatively educated students are welcome to apply and should submit credentials that demonstrate equivalent levels of academic achievement, ability, and performance. For detailed information, see the Home School Curriculum page.