Recommended Oxford Campus College Credit Plus (CCP) Courses

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The Ohio Department of Higher Education requires that College Credit Plus students must complete 15 credit hours of courses that are on an approved list.  These courses are transferable courses among any Ohio public higher education institution. After completing the 15 credit hours, CCP students should confer with their academic advisor if they wish to take a course that is not on the list.

CCP students are not eligible to enroll in one-on-one private instruction courses, courses with fees that exceed the amount set by the Chancellor, study abroad or study away courses, physical education courses, remedial courses, or courses that are not taken for a grade.

The courses listed below are available on Miami University's Oxford Campus.

Please note that course offerings vary by semester. This list does not reflect available courses in any given semester or term.

It is the student’s responsibility, with the guidance of their school, to know which courses count towards high school graduation requirements.

All grades received by students in this program are reviewed by college admission offices and thus, participation in the program needs to be carefully considered.

Please note, any student enrolled in the CCP program must be admitted to Miami University before they can be offered selective admission or a degree. Admission to Miami University requires a diploma with a high school graduation date or GED. For information on applying to Miami University, please visit


ARC 188 Ideas in Architecture
ARC 221 History of Architecture I
ARC 222 History of Architecture II
ART 102 Color Theory and Practice
ART 111 Design and Composition
ART 121 Observational Drawing ART 171 Visual Fundamentals – 3D
ART 171 Visual Fundamentals: 3-D
ART 181 Concepts in Art
ART 187 History of Western Art: Prehistoric to Gothic
ART 188 History of Western Art: Renaissance to Modern
ART 189 History of Western Dress
ART 231 Painting I (pre-requisite: ART 121)
ART 233 Global Perspectives on Dress
ART 241 Printmaking I (prerequisite: ART 121)
ART 251 Typography
ART 257 Photography
ART 261 Ceramics I (prerequisite: ART 111)
ART 271 Sculpture 1
ART 350 Illustration (prerequisites: ART 121 and 231)
MUS 100A – G Various Ensemble Groups (audition required)
MUS 101 Theory of Music I
MUS 102 Theory of Music II (prerequisite: MUS 101)
MUS 135 Understanding Jazz, Its History and Context
MUS 142 Applied Music (audition required)
MUS 151 Theory of Music: Aural Skills I
MUS 152 Theory of Music: Aural Skills II
MUS 160 Functional Piano I
MUS 161 Functional Piano II
MUS 184 Opera: Passport to the Liberal Arts
MUS 185 The Diverse Worlds of Music
MUS 189 Great Ideas in Western Music
MUS 201 Theory of Music III (prerequisite: MUS 102)
MUS 202 Theory of Music IV (prerequisite: MUS 201)
MUS 206 Tracking Sounds: A History of Film Music
MUS 211 History of Western Music
MUS 242 Applied Music (audition required)
MUS 251 Theory of Music: Aural Skills III (prerequisite: MUS 152)
MUS 252 Theory of Music: Aural Skills IV (prerequisite: MUS 251)
MUS 285 Introduction to African American Music
MUS 287 Enter the Diva: Women in Music
THE 101 Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis
THE 131 Principles of Acting
THE 191 Experiencing Theatre
THE 200 Production and Performance Practicum

Biological Science

BIO 101 Biotechnology: Coming of Age in the 21st Century
BIO 115 Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity
BIO 115 Biological Concepts:Structure, Function, Cellular, and Molecular Biology
BIO 121 Environmental Biology
BIO 131 Plants, Humanity, and Environment
BIO 155 Field Botany with LAB
BIO 161 Human Physiology LAB
BIO 171 Human Anatomy and Physiology LAB
BIO 176 Ecology of North America
BIO 191 Plant Biology LAB
MBI 111 Microorganisms and Human Disease
MBI 121 The Microbial World
MBI 123 Experimenting with Microbes LAB


EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies in Education
EDP 101 Critical Issues in the Psychology of the Learner
EDP 201 Human Development and Learning in Social & Educational Contexts
EDP 256 Psychology of the Exceptional Learner
EDT 190 Introduction to Education
EDT 272P Introductory Child Development
EDT 272E Introductory Child Development
FSW/EDT 225 Family, School and Community Connections

Engineering & Technology

CEC 101 Computing, Engineering & Society
CSE 151 Computers, Computer Science and Society
CSE 153 Introduction to C/C++ Programming
CSE 163 Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programming (prerequisite: MTH 102 or higher or a score of 12 or higher on the mathematics placement test)
CSE 174 Fundamentals of Programming and Problem-Solving (prerequisite: MTH 102 or higher or a score of 12 or higher on the mathematics placement test)
CSE 271 Object-Oriented Programming (prerequisite: CSE 174 with grade of C- or better)
ESP 201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Models
FIN 101 Personal Finance
MME 211 Static Modeling of Mechanical Systems (prerequisites: MTH 151 and PHY 191)
MME 311 Dynamic Modeling of Mechanical Systems (prerequisite: MME 211)
MME/CPB 341 Engineering Economics (prerequisite: MTH 151 and STA 261)


ENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric
ENG 122 Popular Literature
ENG 123 Introduction to Poetry
ENG 124 Introduction to Fiction
ENG 125 Introduction to Drama
ENG 129 Books You Need to Read
ENG 134 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG 163 Literature & Travel
ENG/FST 220 Literature and Film
ENG/FST 221 Shakespeare in Film
ENG/AMS 246 Native American Literature
ENG 251 Introduction to European Literature
ENG/LAS 254 Latino/a Literature and the Americas
ENG 255 Russian Literature from Pushkin to Dostoevsky in English Translation
ENG 272 English Literature to 1660
ENG 273 English Literature 1660-1900
ENG 274 English Literature 1901 to Present
ENG 275 American Literature to 1900
ENG 276 American Literature 1900 to Present
MAC 143 Introduction to Media
STC 135 Principles of Public Speaking
STC 136 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
STC 231 Small Group Communication
STC 239 Theories of Communication

Foreign Language

Students must take the Oxford online placement test to determine the appropriate first course for all language courses.<
ARB 101 Elementary Arabic I
ARB 102 Elementary Arabic II (prerequisite: ARB 101)
ARB 201 Intermediate Modern Arabic I (prerequisite: ARB 102)
ARB 202 Intermediate Modern Arabic II (prerequisite: ARB 201)
CHI 101 Elementary Chinese I
CHI 102 Elementary Chinese II (prerequisite: CHI 101)
CHI 201 Second Year Chinese I (prerequisite: CHI 102)
CHI 202 Second Year Chinese II (prerequisite: CHI 201)
FRE 101 Elementary French I 
FRE 102 Elementary French II (prerequisite: FRE 101)
FRE 201 Intermediate French I (prerequisite: FRE 102)
FRE 202 Critical Analysis of French Culture
GER 101 Beginning German I
GER 102 Beginning German II (prerequisite: GER 101)
GER 201 Second Year German (prerequisite: GER 102)
GRK 101 Beginning Greek I
GRK 102 Beginning Greek II (prequisitie: GRK 101)
ITL 101 Beginner’s Course in Italian I
ITL 102 Beginner’s Course in Italian II (prerequisite: ITL 101)
ITL 201 Second Year Italian I (prerequisite: ITL 102)
ITL 202 Second Year Italian II (perquisite: ITL 201)
JPN 101 First Year Japanese I
JPN 102 First Year Japanese II
JPN 201 Second Year Japanese I
JPN 202 Second Year Japanese II
LAT 101 Beginning Latin I
LAT 102 Beginning Latin II (prerequisite: LAT 101)
LAT 201 Intermediate Latin
LAT 202 Representative Latin Authors
SPA/DST 101 Beginning ASL I
SPA/DST 102 Beginning ASL II (prerequisite: SPA 101)
SPA/DST 201 Intermediate ASL I
SPA/DST 202 Intermediate American Sign Language II
SPN 101 Beginner’s Course in Spanish I
SPN 102 Beginner’s Course in Spanish II
SPN 111 Intensive Basic Spanish
SPN 201 Second Year Spanish I
SPN 202 Second Year Spanish II
SPN 203 Spanish for Health Care Professionals
SPN 211 Intensive Intermediate Spanish


KNH 102 Fundamentals of Nutrition
KNH 104 Introduction to Food Science and Meal Management
KNH 188 Physical Activity and Health
KNH 203 Nutrition in Disease Prevention Management
KNH 209 Medical Terminology for Health Professionals


AAA/REL 203 Global Religions of India
AAA/ENG 269 Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
AMS 205 Introduction to American Cultures
BWS/HST 224 Africa to 1884
CHI 255 Drama in China and Japan in Translation
CLS 121 Introduction to Classical Mythology
FRE 131 Masterpieces of French Culture in Translation
FST 201 Film History and Analysis
GER 151 German American Experience
GER 232 Holocaust in German Literature
GER 231 Folk and Literary Fairy Tales
GER 252 German-Jewish Experience
HST 111 Survey of American History I
HST 112 Survey of American History II
HST 197 World History to 1500
HST 198 World History Since 1500
HST 224 Africa to 1884
HST 225 The Making of Modern Africa
JPN 255 Drama in China and Japan in English Translation
PHL 103 Society and the Individual
PHL 104 Purpose or Chance in the Universe
PHL 105 Theories of Human Nature
PHL 131 Introduction to Ethics
REL 275 Introduction to Biblical Literature
RUS 137 Russian Folklore
RUS 255 Russian Literature from Pushkin to Dostoevsky in English
RUS 256 Russian Literature from Tolstoy to Nabokov
RUS 257 Russian Literature from Pasternak to Present

Mathematics, Statistics and Formal Logic

Students' standardized test scores will be used to determine the appropriate first course for all math courses. 
MTH 104 Pre-Calculus with Algebra
MTH 119 Quantitative Reasoning
MTH 125 Pre-Calculus
MTH 151 Calculus I (prerequisites: MTH 104 or 123 or 125)
MTH 249 Calculus II (prerequisite: grade of B or better in MTH 151)
MTH 222 Introduction to Linear Algebra (prerequisite: MTH 249 or 251)
MTH 245 Differential Equations (prerequisite: MTH 251 or 249)
MTH 251 Calculus II (prerequisite: grade of C or better in MTH 151)
MTH 252 Calculus III (prerequisite: MTH 249 or 2
CHM 111 + 111L Chemistry in Modern Society LAB
CHM 141R/CHM 141 + 144 College Chemistry and College Chemistry LAB
CHM 142 + 145 College Chemistry, LAB (pre-requisite CHM 141; 144)
CHM 241/251 + 244/254 Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry I LAB (prerequisite: CHM 142)
CHM 242/252 + 245/255 Organic Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry II LAB (prerequisite: CHM 241)
EDT 181 Physical Science I with LAB
EDT 182 Physical Science II with LAB
GEO 121 Earth's Physical Environment
GLG 111 The Dynamic Earth
GLG 115L Understanding the Earth LAB
GLG 121 Environmental Geology
GLG 141 Geology of U.S. National Parks
GLG 201 Mineralogy with LAB (Pre-requisite GLG 111, 121, 141 and GLG 115L; Co-requisite: CHM 141/144)
GLG 204 Survival on an Evolving Planet (Pre-requisite: Any 100-level BIO or GLG course)
PHY 101 Physics and Science
PHY 103 Concepts in Physics LAB
PHY 111 Astronomy and Space Physics
PHY 118 Introduction to Atmospheric Science
PHY 121 Energy and Environment
PHY 161 Physics for Life Sciences with Laboratory I (prerequisite: MTH 104 or 123 or 125)
PHY 162 Physics for Life Sciences with Laboratory II (prerequisite: PHY 161)
PHY 191 General Physics with LAB I (corequisite: MTH 151)
PHY 192 General Physics with LAB II (prerequisite: MTH 151 and PHY 191; corequisite: MTH 249 or 251)
STA 261 Statistics

Social Science 

ATH 145 Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations
ATH 155 Introduction to Anthropology
ATH 175 People of the World
ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the US
ATH 255 Foundations of Biological Anthropology
BWS/HST 224 Africa to 1884
BWS/HST 225 The Making of Modern Africa
CLS 101 Greek Civilization in its Mediterranean Context
ECO 131 Economic Perspectives on Inequality in America
ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
FSW 201 Introduction to Social Work
FSW 206 Social Welfare
FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle
GEO 101 Global Forces, Local Diversity
GEO 111 World Regional Geography: Patterns and Issues
GEO 121 Earth’s Physical Environment
GEO 201 Geography of Urban Diversity
GEO/ITS/SOC 208 The Rise of Industrialism in East Asia
GEO 241 Map Interpretation
GEO 441 Geographic Information Systems
GTY 154 Aging in American Society
HST 197 World History to 1500
HST 198 World History Since 1500
IDS 159 Strength Through Cultural Diversity
ITS 201 Introduction to International Studies
ITS 208 The Rise of Industrialism in East Asia
KNH 276 The Meaning of Leisure
KNH 303 Food Systems Management
LAS 207 Latin America Before 1910
LAS 208 Introduction to Latin America
MAC 143 Introduction to Media
POL 142 American Politics and Diversity
POL 221 Modern World Governments
POL 241 American Political Systems
POL 271 World Politics
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 221 Social Psychology (Pre-requisite: PSY 111)
PSY 231 Developmental Psychology (Pre-requisites: PSY 111 or EDP 101)
PSY 241 Personality (Pre-requisite: PSY 111)
PSY 242 Abnormal Psychology (Pre-requisite: PSY 111)
SOC 151 Social Relations
SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context
SOC 201 Social Problems
SOC 208 The Rise of Industrialism in East Asia
SOC 348 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 352 Criminology (prerequisite: SOC 151 or 153)
SOC 363 Sociology of Families (Pre-requisite: SOC 151 or 153)
SPA 223 Theories of Language Development
WGS 201 Introduction to Women’s Studies

Department Abbreviations

  • AMS - American Studies
  • ARC - Architecture
  • ART - Art
  • ARB - Arabic
  • ATH - Anthropology
  • BIO - Biology
  • BWS - Black World Studies
  • CEC - Engineering
  • CHM - Chemistry
  • CLS - Classics
  • COM - Communication
  • CPB - Chemical, Paper and Bioengineering
  • CSE - Computer Science Engineering
  • ECO - Economics
  • EDL - Educational Leadership
  • EDP - Educational Psychology
  • EDT - Teacher Education
  • ENG - English
  • ENT - Engineering Technology
  • FST - Film Studies
  • FSW - Family Studies & Social Work
  • GEO - Geography
  • GLG - Geology
  • GRK - Greek
  • GTY - Gerontology
  • HST - History
  • IDS - Interdisciplinary Studies
  • ITS - International Studies
  • KNH - Kinesiology & Health
  • JRN - Journalism
  • LAS - Latin American Studies
  • LAT - Latin
  • MAC - Media & Culture
  • MBI - Microbiology
  • MGT - Management
  • MME - Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
  • MTH - Math
  • MUS - Music
  • PHL - Philosophy
  • PHY - Physics
  • POL - Political Science
  • PSY - Psychology
  • REL - Religion
  • SOC - Sociology
  • SPA - Speech Pathology & Audiology
  • STA - Statistics
  • THE - Theatre
  • WGS - Women, Gender, & Society