Local Food

A selection of local food products in the Market Street at MacCracken store.

While most food travels up to 1,500 miles before reaching the plate, we are proud to share that Miami University’s Dining Services purchases 26% of its products locally. The incorporation of local foods into our menus supports our community, reduces the environmental impact of long distance deliveries, and provides our patrons with the freshest ingredients that Ohio has to offer.

In an effort to expand our local offerings even further, we host a Chefs' Summit each year. At this event, local growers and producers are matched with Miami purchasers and consumers. This summit aids in the building of mutually beneficial relationships that will support our “buy local” philosophy for many years to come.

Get to Know Our Local Vendors

We work to build strong relationships with our vendors and we are proud to serve their products. Explore some of our local vendors below and see what amazing things Ohio has to offer.

Butler County Beekeepers Association

We have a long history of supporting the Butler County Beekeepers. Anytime you see a honey bear dispenser of honey on campus, the honey inside was harvested in this county.

Butterfield Farm and Wiseman Farms

These local farms supply the majority of our locally grown produce. Butterfield Farm is located just past the Miami Equestrian Stables, while the Wiseman family operates several farms.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

This premium ice cream brand was started in Columbus, Ohio over 20 years ago. The unique flavor offerings are one of the many reasons our patrons love Jeni’s. Here are some of our favorite flavors: Black Coffee, Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, and Pistachio & Honey. A rotating variety is always available for purchase from Market Street at MacCracken.

Reserve Run Farm

This fourth-generation family farm, located 6 miles from our campus, raises all-natural beef and chicken. When you are enjoying a burger at Encounter or a sirloin steak from Grill and Roast station, you are being served Reserve Run raised beef.

Walnut Creek Foods

This full service food distributor is located in Holmes County Ohio and specializes in locally produced products. We rely on them for our fresh deli meat as well as the majority of our natural cheeses. We also use some of their locally produced condiments across campus.

Winan’s Chocolates

Winan’s was established in Piqua, Ohio in the late 1800’s and is in its 4th generation of family ownership. Their fine chocolates are available daily in Patisserie and at multiple location during the holiday’s.

Young’s Jersey Dairy

Young’s is a family dairy owned and operated by Miami Alumni. Located just outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio, they specialize in premium ice cream. Their operation supplies the ice cream used for milkshakes served at Miami Ice and Encounter. In addition, pints of their ice cream are sold at Spring Street Market.