Spring Break

March 25-29

Poster Preparation and Design

April 1; 5 - 6 pm

Creating a poster for the Undergraduate Research Forum, a conference, or a class but unsure how to get started? Join us for stress-relieving tips and step-by-step guidance …

Well, Just You Wait! (film)

April 2; 4:30 - 6 pm

This animated film series (Nu, pogodi!) is the third installment in the Havighurst Center's Spring 2019 Film Series, "Soviet Childhood in the 1960s". This film features a wolf and hare in situations reminiscent of the Tom and Jerry cartoon series. Original episodes of Cheburashka (the late 1960s Soviet animated series starring "a beast of unknown origins") will also be shown …

"Conservation Up Close: Woman at Window"

April 3; 3 - 4 pm

Cincinnati painting conservator Michael Ruzga will return to the Art Museum to speak about recent treatment to Woman at Window, an oil on canvas attributed to Dutch master and pupil of Rembrandt, Ferdinand Bol (1616-1680), that is currently featured in the 40 at 40 exhibition. Ruzga will also discuss methods and careers in the fascinating field of art conservation …

"Visible Body: Human Anatomy Atlas"

April 3; 5 - 6 pm

If you are studying anatomy, you will want to check out this resource — a 3-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG) resource that provides you with the opportunity to interactively study highly detailed and accurate representations of the human body. You can dissect the body, access definitions and common pathologies, and even view in augmented reality …

"Faith and Struggle in the Lives of Four African Americans"

April 3; 5 - 8 pm

Professor Randal Jelks will discuss African American spirituality and faith in the lies of Ethel Waters, Mary Lou Williams, Eldridge Cleaver, and Muhammad Ali …

Dolores (film and panel discussion)

April 3; 5:45 - 8 pm

Dolores Huerta is among the most important, yet least known, activists in American history. An equal partner in co-founding the first farm worker union with César Chávez, her enormous contributions have gone largely unrecognized. This is a segment of Transforming America. Civil Disobedience for Social Change and Environmental Justice, the 2019 theme of The Cesar Chavez Day Celebration Program …

"Listening to ISIS: How Quantitative Discourse Analysis Reveals the Central Motive and Strategic Trajectory of an Extremist Movement"

April 4; 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Dr. Lawrence Kuznar gives this installment of the Lectures in Contemporary Anthropology series …

"Space Begins on Earth: Communications Satellites and Cold War History"

April 4; 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Christine Evans, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, gives this keynote lecture for the Havighurst Center's International Young Researchers' Conference. The 2019 theme is Technologies and Narratives of Truth and Power

"Ain't I a Woman: My Journey to Womanhood"

April 4; 8 - 11 pm

Actress Laverne Cox rose to fame with her role as Sophia Burset on Orange Is the New Black, becoming the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in an acting category. An advocate with an empowering message of moving beyond gender expectations to live more authentically, Cox's speaking engagement is guaranteed to be thought-provoking and emotionally compelling …

"Conspicuous Equipment and Repurposed Technologies: Cannibals, Zombies, Hackers, and others of the Relic-World"

April 5; 4:30 - 6 pm

Monica Eppinger, St. Louis University, gives this keynote lecture for the Havighurst Center's International Young Researchers' Conference. The 2019 theme is Technologies and Narratives of Truth and Power

Resumes and Interviewing for Pre-Health Professions

April 5; 5 - 6 pm

Join the Center for Career Exploration and Success in this Pre-Health Professions Week workshop and learn how to best communicate your skills, strengths, and experiences through both documents and in person interviews …

"Alternative Pathways in Healthcare" and "Physician Burnout"

April 6; 9:30 - 11:30 am

Join Dr. Mark Williams and Dr. Sean Antosh as they address these two issues in this Pre-Health Professions Week breakout session …

"Perspectives from a-soon-to-be MD"

April 6; 9:30 - 11:30 am

Join Miami alum Jessica Walpole in this Pre-Health Professions Week breakout session …

"Emerging Trends and the Future Direction of Healthcare"

April 6; 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Join Dr. Richard Kuntz for this Pre-Health Professions Week lecture …

"Black Male Athletes' Education Matters: What's College Sport Got To Do With It?"

April 8; 6 - 7:50 pm

John N. Singer, Department of Health and Kinesiology, College of Education and Human Development, Texas A&M University, delivers this segment of the Penny Lecture Series Race, Sport, and Social Justice

Chinese Skit Competition

April 9; 6 - 8 pm

The Confucius Institute at Miami University (CIMU) will co-sponsor the annual Chinese Skit Competition with the Department of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (GRAMELAC) for Chinese language students at Miami. We invite community members, Miami students, faculty, and staff to watch. …

Fulbright Information Session

April 10; 12 - 1 pm

With a mission to increase intercultural understanding between U.S. citizens and citizens of other countries, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers 2000+ grants annually to graduating seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates who would like to teach English, conduct independent research, or pursue graduate study abroad. Join Global Initiatives at one of the spring information sessions to learn more about grant types, eligibility, and the application process for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program …

"Asylum Under Siege: Nations, Borders and Refugees in the Age of Global Migration"

April 10; 5:30 - 8 pm

Valeria Luiselli, an award-winning Mexican author living in the United States, gives this talk as part of the Grayson Kirk Distinguished Lecture Series in International Studies. She began working as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking children in the New York City Immigration Court in March 2015 soon realized that she was providing triage to a humanitarian emergency …