"The Family from 10,000 BCE to the Present"

March 2; 4-6pm

Mary Jo Maynes, Professor of History at the University of Minnesota, delivers this lecture as part of the McClellan Lecture Series History and Deep Time. Deep History draws on multiple disciplines to tackle the very long-term story of us, taking our gaze back before the written word …

"The 40-year old Freshman: How Longer Life Will Change Education"

March 2; 6-8pm

Kate de Medeiros gives this lecture as part of the Penny Lecture Series Beyond Civil Rights—Toward a Just and Equitable Society/Institution

"Race, Religion and Charlie Hebdo"

March 4; 4-6pm

Mark McKinney will give this lecture …

"Defending Biodiversity: Indigenous Women in Global Environmental Activism"

March 4; 4:30-6:30pm

Dr. Yolanda Teren gives this lecture as part of the LICA/Indigenous Speakers Series …

"Women in Politics"

March 4; 6-8pm

Dr. Monica Schneider of Miami's Political Science department will talk about why women are less politically ambitious compared to men and the research she has done on this topic …

"Beyond the Books"

March 4; 7-8:30pm

Political Science professor, Dr. Augustus Jones is spending an evening with the Miami University Pre-Law Chapter of the National Black Law Students Association to discuss the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other laws and legislation as they relate to the history of African Americans and their current trajectory …

African American Read-In

March 5; 11:30am-2pm

The 26th annual African American Read-In has been rescheduled from an earlier time. Our themes this year are "Movies, Music, and Migration", honoring African Americans contributions in these areas as well as commemorating the Great Black Migration beginning in 1915. You are welcome to read (or perform or show images, etc.) on these themes or on any other African American themes/authors …

Candace Hunter: "Hooded Truths"

March 5; 4-5pm

Hooded Truths is a cornucopia of images and ideas swathed in the costume of 21st Century urban America—the hoodie. In the series of works titled "Hooded Truths" Chicago artist, Candance Hunter, explores the image of the "hoodie" to retell moments of U.S. history, continuing to ask for the full truth, whether painful or not …

"Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People" (film and discussion)

March 5; 5:30-8pm

This is a 2014 documentary film directed by Thomas Allen Harris. It is based on the book Reflections in Black: A History of Black Photographers 1840 to the Present by Deborah Willis …

"It's On Us" to End Sexual and Interpersonal Violence

March 5; 6:30-9:30pm

Join us for an exclusive screening of the documentary It Happened Here and take the pledge to step up against violence …

"Quantum Optic and Precision Measurements with Diatomic Molecules"

March 5; 7pm

Dr. Ergin H. Ahmed, Assistant Professor for Research at Temple University, delivers the 14th Annual George and Carolyn Arfken Physics Scholar-in-Residence Lecture …

"Energy, the Environment and Our Future: An Optimistic View"

March 5; 7-8:30pm

Dr. Richard Alley, who is an expert in the history of Earth's climate and the response of the great ice sheets to climate change, delivers the 13th annual Baldwin Frontiers in Geology Lecture

"Urban Policy and Immigration Policy in Silicon Valley"

March 6; 2-3:30pm

Dr. Aaron Cavin, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History, Miami University, gives this lecture as part of the Department of Geography Seminar Series …

Unity Day

March 7; 1-3pm

Unity Day serves as a day to honor all of those who have fought for social justice and continue to lead and unite all persons from various backgrounds. In light of the I Am Miami campaign, Unity Day begins with the "I AM…" march which symbolizes the opportunity for each individual to define who they are and where they are from …

"'I am the narrator of my time': Ulitskaia as Personalizing the Past and Engaging the Present"

March 9; 11:30am-12:50pm

Elizabeth Skomp, Sewanee: University of the South, delivers this lecture as part of the Havighurst Center Colloquia Series Russian Literature Under Putin: Haunted by the Past, Critiquing the Present

"Can the Subaltern Learn?"

March 9; 6-8pm

Mark Peterson gives this lecture as part of the Penny Lecture Series Beyond Civil Rights—Toward a Just and Equitable Society/Institution

Fulbright Information Session

March 10; 12-1pm

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program supports approximately 1,900 U.S. students to engage in study, research, or English teaching assistantships abroad via the U.S. Student Program annually. Learn more about the program and application process at this information session …

"Celebrating Global Sisterhood"

March 10; 4–5:30pm

This event, designed to bring people together to celebrate the cultural diversity and accomplishments of women of color in the university and in the larger community, features a guest speaker or preformer, student testimonials, global cuisine, and awards and scholarship presentations …

"All Lives Matter": Real Talk about Race

March 10; 5-9pm

This is an evening program of speakers, music, open mic/speak out and a call to action on race in our community …

"Communism's Cartoonist: Boris Efimov and the Art of Soviet Caricature"

March 11; 4–6pm

Stephen M. Norris gives this lecture from the Miami University's Comics Scholars Group …

"Has the Obama Foreign Policy Made Us Safer From Terrorism?"

March 11; 6-7:30pm

Guest speakers Nicholas Burns and Frances Townsend will deliver this JANUS Forum Lecture …