Pursuing Your Passions

Whether you're interested in fields within the humanities, the social sciences, or the natural and biological sciences, Miami University's College of Arts and Science (CAS) offers dozens of majors among nearly 30 departments to help guide you along your path to a fulfilling and meaningful career.

We asked CAS students from a variety of majors and backgrounds to talk about what they've learned from their majors as well as from their opportunities to do research and working one-on-one with faculty.

Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities Video Transcript

Knowing Your Professors

Knowing Your Professors Video Transcript

Skills in the Liberal Arts

Skills in the Liberal Arts Video Transcript

Skills in the Humanities

Skills in the Humanities Video Transcript

Best of Both Worlds

Finally, Dean Chris Makaroff describes how CAS and its diverse liberal arts education provide students the "best of both worlds" — offering opportunities and resources typically found at much larger universities in a more intimate, personalized, hands-on environment.

CAS is a key reason why, year after year, Miami University is nationally recognized for its undergraduate teaching, career outcomes, study abroad, and overall value.

Best of Both Worlds Video Transcript