20th Anniversary Speaker

May 16, 2018

enlarged photo of colloquium audienceOn April 27th, the Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs celebrated its 20th anniversary with a guest speaker in the Psychology Department's colloquium series. Grace Schoessow, MS, spoke to approximately 130 Miami faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates on the importance of early childhood mental health. Her talk encapsulated data from her work on the Safe Schools Health Students grant in Greene County where she works as an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, building relationships between parents, childcare professionals, and early learning programs.

Letter Writing Campaign

October 10, 2017

enlarged photos of students with lettersAfter hearing about the recent hurricanes, the Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs (CSBMHP) wanted to come up with a way to offer support for the schools, students, families, and communities impacted by the damage.

Dr. Cricket Meehan came up with the idea of having Ohio students send letters to offer compassion and encouragement to students their age in the hurricane zones. The CSBMHP connected with various Ohio schools to collect the letters, package them, and send them to the impacted schools who indicated that they would like to receive letters for their students.

enlarged photo of letters at Houston elementary schoolWe received such a positive response and are excited for the students in Texas, Florida, and other impacted areas to read the letters! We hope it will bring them some joy during what has likely been a difficult time for many of them.

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