2016 Operating Budget $2,517,873 37% funding increase compared to 2015. External research funding 51.5% increase from 2015 to 2016

Operating Budget

Meaningful research partnerships forged around common questions and a desire for useful answers is our driving force.

In 2016, Scripps managed 42 externally-funded contracts and research grants that generated $1.98 million in funding. That’s 79% of our total operating budget funded through our research.

We are a vital part of the Miami community. Our leadership in education and our focus on external funding are important contributions to the Miami mission. In 2016, Miami provided 19% of our budget to help us deliver on our mission.

Our original endowment from E. W. Scripps is the cornerstone that has made it all possible. It is an essential connection to our origins that has helped us earn recognition as one of the premier institutions in aging research and education.


Pie chart showing the division of external funding by source. 7% External Research- Foundations, 13% External Research - Ohio Department of Higher Education, 27% External Research - Aging Network, 32% External Research - Federal, 19% Miami University Support, 2% E.W. Scripps Endowment