Topical Video Segments - Person-Centered Care

We've provided links below to various topical segments of the video. Each link will take you to YouTube and begin the video where each topic is covered.

Following the introduction, the body of the video is divided into three segments:

What is person-centered care? (1:03)

Why do person-centered care? (4:49)

Where do we begin person-centered care? (10:03)

What is PCC?

Person-centered philosophy (1:05)

Giving meaning to tasks (1:59) 

Elder choice, putting elder back in charge of their life (2:39)

Importance of relationships (3:08)

Thickened liquids example (3:24)

Making a real difference (4:19)

Why do PCC?

A basic valuing of life at all stages (4:55)

The role of the direct-care worker: meaningful work (5:07)

Purposeful work benefits all (5:45)

More complete understanding of whole person means better quality of care (6:37)

Family metaphor (7:11)

A valuable tool for “quality of life”—a somewhat elusive mandate (8:49)

Business-related benefits such as strong census/financials follow (8:54)

Linked to positive outcomes (9:17)

Where do we begin?

Take the time, make getting to know elder your first priority (10:08)

Common “problems” are person-centered care opportunities: the shower example (11:05)

Blending departments or cross-training (12:09)

Time of day example (12:50)

Don’t view as a program or more work, it’s a different way to work (13:35)

Listen carefully to the elder (14:14)

Empower and give voice to direct-care workers (14:56)

Approach elders in an individualized way (16:41)

Leaders/managers know (and show they know) both staff and elders (16:54)

Prioritize tasks based upon elders’ wishes (17:15)

Avoid sole focus on change to environment/amenities, instead change your mind (18:27)

At the end of the day, elders are here to live, so make it the best possible life (18:56)