Session Seven

Using Different Literary Forms and Introduction to Revising

Discussion of Assignment Six – 10 minutes 

Return Assignment Five with your comments. Ask the group about the current assignment: How did the piece change when written in a different literary form? What was gained or lost?

Sharing Stories & Feedback – 30 minutes 

Ask for volunteers to read their sixth assignments. Allow participants to provide positive critique on the work by offering comments. Some questions to consider:

  • How did your piece change in its new form? How did the literary form bring about those changes?
  • Which piece do you prefer, and why?
  • Which piece do you think was more effective?

The Importance of Revising – 15 minutes

Since the act of revising is a very critical part of writing, briefly discuss ways of improving a piece, such as varying sentence length, condensing wordy sentences, or adding sensory description. If time allows, ask participants to brainstorm aloud about concepts they’ve learned over the course of the workshop, and how they might apply them to their revisions.

Explaining Assignment Seven – 5 minutes

Distribute this week’s assignment (Revise a selected piece). Ask participants to consider how they might tighten their writing or clarify their meaning. If they prefer to not rework an earlier piece, suggest that they write a new piece using a literary form of their choice.