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My bioinformatics lab focuses on three primary research areas: (1) develop bioinformatics software tools, (2) build and maintain biological databases, and (3) conduct data analysis and data mining to address interesting biological questions.  Currently, we are working with many different bioinformatics projects, including genome-wide detection and functional characterization of DNA and RNA transposons, In silico exploration of DNA repeats (e.g., inverted repeats) and their potential roles in gene expression regulation, CRISPR-based DNA and RNA editing: target design and specificity, genome-wide detection of CRISPRs in prokaryotic genomes, DNA methylation and its role in tissue regeneration, RNA-Seq based transcriptome analysis and differentially expressed gene analysis, small non-coding RNAs (miRNAs, siRNAs and piRNAs) biogenesis and their differential expression analysis, genome-wide analysis of alternative polyadenylation and alternative splicing in eukaryotes, etc.

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Courses Taught

BIO/CHM/CSE/MBI 466-566: Bioinformatics Computing Skills
BIO/MBI 485-585 CSE 456-556: Bioinformatics Principles
BIO/CSE/MBI 256: Introduction to Programming for the Life Sciences
BIO 131: Plants, Humanity, and the Environment 

Publications (2004-2017)
 (*Corresponding Author; **Co-Corresponding Author; +Undergraduate Student; ++Graduate Student)

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