Jennifer Verdolin

Assistant Director, Instructor, Advanced Inquiry Program

106 Peabody Hall  (513) 529-9026

Biographical Information

Jennifer Verdolin is a behavioral ecologist whose research has focused on exploring the evolution of sociality and mating systems in terrestrial vertebrates. Her dissertation research at Stony Brook examined the ecological drivers of social behavior in Gunnison’s prairie dogs. During her postdoctoral work at Stony Brook University she studied the population genetics and behavior of mouse lemurs(2008-2010), after which she was a postdoctoral research fellow at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center at Duke University (2010-2013). She came to Miami University’s Project Dragonfly from Duke University where she was a Visiting Lecturer and Scholar-in-Residence. Currently, her research interests have expanded to included personality, social networks, and disease dynamics. She is the author of two popular science books, Wild Connection (2014) and Raised by Animals (2017) and is the featured weekly guest on the D.L. Hughley Show for a segment called “Think Like a Human, Act Like an Animal”. 

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Introduction to Biology (Majors and Nonmajors)

Introduction to Ecology (Majors and Nonmajors)

Animal Behavior


Partnering and Parenting (Seminar)

Peer Reviewed Publications

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