Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology


Course Requirements

Pedagogy training

Complete a research based Masters degree with a written thesis, OR complete thirty (30) semester hours of graduate work and provide Doctoral Advisory Comittee with documented evidence of the student's potential to sucessfully complete a PhD

A seminar for incoming students, BIO 601

Minimum of seven (7) graduate seminars if all graduate work is completed at Miami University. Minimum of four (4) graduate seminars if M.S. degree is obtained at another institution

Minimum of three (3) formal graduate courses for a minimum of nine (9) formal graduate class credits with at least one course in the Department of Biology. Graduate level courses taken prior to entering the PhD program may be used to satisfy this requirement at the discretion of the student's Doctoral Advisory Committee

A minimum of thirty (30) semester hours of BIO 850

Additional seminars and courses as determined by the student and committee

Diagnostic Examinations

All PhD students must pass a comprehensive exam and defend a dissertation proposal. All students must present and defend their dissertation.

For additional information, contact Dr. Michelle Boone (178 Pearson Hall,, 513-529-4901) or Dr. Rich Moore (394 Pearson Hall,, 513-529-4278).