Master of Science (MS) in Botany

Program Requirements

Course Requirements

Pedagogy training: Complete BIO 600.A, section PA, during summer IV term preceding your first fall semester in residence, and complete BIO 601 during your first fall semester in residence

At least one BIO 650, 710, 720, or equivalent seminar is required

At least one Botany graduate course, of 3 credits or more, with a ‘B’ or higher from 3 of the 4 core areas in Botany:

  • Ecology, taxonomy, or systematics
  • Morphology, anatomy, or development
  • Cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, or physiology
  • Applied Skills (electron microscopy [lecture and lab], bioinformatics, pedagogy, statistics, instrumentation)

A minimum of four graduate level (e.g., 500 or above) courses, of at least 3 credit hours each

Six to 12 hours of BIO 700, minimum total of 30 semester hours of graduate credit

Diagnostic Examinations

All MS students must present and defend a thesis proposal. All students must present and defend their thesis. 

For additional information, contact Dr. Rich Moore (394 Pearson Hall,, 513-529-4278) or Dr. Michelle Boone (178 Pearson Hall,, 513-529-4901).