Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology

The Department of Biology offers a Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology. This Certificate integrates specialized graduate coursework with the culminating experience the student completes as part of a Masters degree, to prepare students for careers in conservation biology with federal, state, tribal, and local agencies and non-profit organizations. This Certificate provides a value-added component to a graduate degree at Miami University, specifically an M.S. in Biology, a M.A. or M.S. in Botany; Ph.D. in Biology, Botany or Ecology, Evolution, & Environmental Biology; or M.En. in environmental science. By choosing the appropriate coursework, a student can earn the Conservation Certificate simultaneously with earning a graduate degree.

Students completing this Certificate will be expected to achieve the following three learning outcomes:

  1. be able to explain foundational knowledge, concepts and theories in ecology and apply them to conservation issues.
  2. be able to use geographic information systems to analyze and interpret spatial patterns.
  3. be able to evaluate and propose cross-disciplinary solutions to conservation issues.

In order to complete a Masters degree, each student will also complete a culminating experience, such as a thesis or internship. Students pursuing this Certificate will be mentored to develop an experience that involves a conservation or land management agency. Students will also be mentored on appropriate additional coursework for the Masters degree.

Graduate Conservation Biology Certificate Requirements