Force Adds

We cannot do force adds for English 111 this fall; we will offer many sections of English 111 in spring and will do force adds as needed then to make sure all first year student can access English 111. For English 108 and 109, limited force adds may be available by emailing, following the procedure below before class starts.

After classes begin, you will need to come in person to Bachelor 356 to request a force add. Please note that force add requests will only be granted for students who cannot find any open section on Bannerweb that they could possibly take due to class scheduling conflicts.  We will NOT grant force add requests to accommodate preferences for instructor, time of day, or convenience.

How to Request a Force Add:

When you email to request a force add, please use the subject line "Composition Force Add", and be sure to answer the following four questions:

  1. What is your name and your Banner ID number (the number that begins with a +)?
  2. What class (108, 109, or 111) do you need to add?
  3. What is your current course schedule? (List days and times when you are NOT able to take a composition class; you can also include any important extracurricular commitments that would prevent you from taking a class at a particular day or time).
  4. Are you currently enrolled in a section of composition? If so, which section and why do you want to change -- why is it not possible for you to stay in that section)?  Please note that preference will be given to students who are not enrolled in ANY section.  As stated above, we cannot accommodate preferences for instructor or time of day.