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For more information on the history and purpose for the Miami Plan, please consult Miami’s Liberal Education or the Miami Bulletin.

The Capstone Experience, usually completed near the end of baccalaureate studies, integrates liberal learning with specialized knowledge. Each Capstone emphasizes sharing of ideas, synthesis, and critical, informed reflection as significant precursors to action, and each includes student initiative in defining and investigating problems or projects.

Capstones may be completed in or outside your major; in some departments, the Capstone Experience will be a requirement of the major. For students not majoring in the department where a Capstone is offered, prerequisites often may be met by completing a related Thematic Sequence. All Capstones presume a significant scholarly background of specialized study in a major as well as in liberal education course work. Ordinarily, a Capstone Experience is taken at Miami and completed in the senior year.

For information on approved Capstones that may be taken at another university and transferred to Miami, see the Office of Liberal Education. Students who plan to transfer any course to meet the Capstone requirement must obtain permission from the Office of Liberal Education before they take the course. Permission of the Office of Liberal Education and the instructor are required for completion of a Capstone during second semester of the junior year.

Previous capstones, which are offered on a rotating cycle, have included:

  • ENG 405 Advanced Linguistics: Syntax (3)
  • ENG 406 Discourse Analysis: Speech Acts in Context (3)
  • ENG 415 Practicum in Technical & Scientific Communication (3)
  • JRN 421 Capstone in Journalism (3)
  • ENG/HST 429 History Through Lit: A Novel For Children (3)
  • ENG 460/560 Issues in Creative Writing
  • ENG 495 Capstone in Literature (3)