Winter 2017 Residency Schedule

January 14-21, 2017, Miami University, Oxford OH Campus 

Full Schedule

Craft Chat (10AM) | Workshop (11:15)  | Afternoon Event (3:30PM)  | Reading (5PM) 

Sat, 1/14      Jim Heynen                                                   Opening Reception                             Alissa Nutting 

Sun, 1/15     Hoa Nguyen                                                   Josip Novakovich                               Alan Shapiro

Mon, 1/16     Alan Shapiro                                                  Laura Van Prooyen                            Ron Hansen

Tues, 1/17    Ron Hansen                                                   MFA Eight                                         Laura Van Prooyen

Wed, 1/18     BK Loren                                                       MFA Thirds                                       BK Loren

Thurs, 1/19   Jacquelyn Mitchard                                       Stephen Barbara                                 Hoa Nguyen

Fri, 1/20       Stephen Barbara                                             MFA Originals                                   Josip Novakovich

Sat, 1/21      Alissa Nutting 

Daily Craft Chats | 10AM | Bachelor Hall Reading Room 

  • Sat, 1/14  Jim Heynen: THE POETRY IN PROSE: The Poet’s Craft is the Writer’s Craft
  • Sun, 1/15   Hoa Nguyen: WHAT’S GOING ON: Invoking the Power of Disruptive Weeds
  • Mon, 1/16    Alan Shapiro: ON CONVENTION AND SELF-EXPRESSION         
  • Tues, 1/17    Ron Hansen: WRITING HISTORICAL FICTION* 
  • Thurs, 1/19    Jacquelyn Mitchard: GO ASK DALLAS:  The Why in YA Literature
  • Fri, 1/20    Stephen Barbara: CONCEPT VS CHARACTER: The Two Important Elements in Salable Fiction
  • Sat, 1/21    Alissa Nutting: ANXIOUS AND PLOTTING: Using Neurosis as Conflict

*Chats will be held in the BAC Reading Room at 10:00 AM,  except on Tues, 1/17, when Ron Hansen’s Craft Chat will commence at 9:30 AM. Craft Chats are open only to students and faculty of the Low-Residency MFA.

Afternoon Events | 3:30PM | Bachelor Hall Reading Room 

  • Sat, 1/14 – Opening Reception
  • Sun, 1/15 – Craft Chat by Josip Novakovich: PERMISSION TO EXPERIMENT:
    Finding literary paradigms to try a new angle in your writing
  • Mon, 1/16 – Craft Chat by Laura Van Prooyen: THE POWER OF SYNTAX TO CREATE DRAMATIC TENSION
  • Tues, 1/17 – MFA Reading:  The Excellent Eight
  • Wed, 1/18 – MFA Reading:  The Terrific Thirds
  • Thurs, 1/19 – Professional Talk:  Literary Agent, Stephen Barbara
  • Fri, 1/20 – MFA Reading:  The Original Seven 

Afternoon Events are open to the wider Miami University Creative Writing community.

Public Readings | 5PM | Miami University Bookstore, Shriver Center 

  • Sat, 1/14 – Fiction Writer Alissa Nutting
  • Sun, 1/15 – Poet and Essayist Alan Shapiro
  • Mon, 1/16 – Fiction Writer Ron Hansen
  • Tues, 1/17 – Poet Laura Van Prooyen
  • Wed, 1/18 – Essayist and Fiction Writer BK Loren
  • Thurs, 1/19 – Poet Hoa Nguyen 
  • Fri, 1/20 – Essayist and Fiction Writer Josip Novakovich

Readings are open to members of the Low-Residency MFA, the wider Miami University Creative Writing Community, and to the general public.