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 Reading Contemporary Authors Workshop

  • What: Reading Contemporary Authors with Mary Francis Gibson, Clark Montessori 
  • When: January 25 - May 2 - online | January 25, February 22, April 4, and May 2 - VOALC
  • Where: Online & Voice of America Learning Center
  • Who: Any K-12 teacher who wants to participate in an engaging book club with practical implications for your classroom and earn three semester hours of graduate credit
  • Why: Book club with a teacher twist. Take a walk through literature and time with fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Teachers will read current books, explore the processes that students use to gain understanding of a text, and analyze writing styles that can translate to classroom instruction. Books are read approximately once a month with class meetings at VOALC on January 25, February 22, April 4, and May 2 from 9:00 - 1:00.
  • Credit: Three Graduate Credits / $865 ($280 - tuition + fee)
  • How: For registration information, email or call OWP